Now available from Sweet Squared, the brand-new innovation from CND, Shellac Luxe. Here you'll find some FAQs and information about this new system!

Is it the same application process as CND Shellac?

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How is the application process faster? 

You miss out one step – the base coat; so it’s not only the 10 seconds curing time on each hand that you save but also the application time. Besides taking the base coat out of the equation, the application is also made faster with the help of the new superior curve-hugging brush with more than 200 bristles and revised CND 5 Polish Method for perfectly polished nails every time. Polishing could not be easier and it’s so much fun!

Why is it so important to apply CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ thin?

The first layer of CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ must be thin to allow the self-adhering polymers in the Colour Coat to properly cure and adhere to the natural-nail keratin. This will also assure the light energy from the lamp penetrates all the way through the coating for proper cure of each layer. The second layer will provide additional colour/coverage.

Are the CND PEP products the same? 

DRY PEP is essential for the adhesion of the CND Shellac Luxe colour coat. Only use wet PEP (CuticleAway) when absolutely necessary when the client has excessive build up or stubborn cuticle. If using CuticleAway you must ensure the client scrubs it off using a nail brush, soap and plenty of water afterwards to eliminate any residue, preferably under running water. The nail must then be totally dry before proceeding.

Can CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ colours be layered?

Yes, CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ colours may be layered to achieve endless colour combinations. Please note: Layering more than two colours will result in adjusted removal times.

Can CND™ SHELLAC™ colours be layered with CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ colours?

Yes, products may be layered but not mixed. Each colour has a unique formula, which will be compromised if mixed. Layering will result in adjusted removal times.

Can you use additives, glitters, foils and stamps with CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™?

Yes. CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ is more viscous and contains fewer solvents – making the cured top film more tacky and attractive to embellishments such as glitter, foil, gems and stamping.

Can you use CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ for art?

Yes. CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ is more viscous and highly pigmented, making it great for embossing, painting fine lines, one-stroke art techniques and holding art embellishments. Please note: Adding embellishments can increase removal time.

Can CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ be applied over Liquid & Powder enhancements?

Yes. Smooth the enhancement with a 240-grit buffer followed by a 1200-grit buffer like the KOALA BUFFER™ and thoroughly clean the nail with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. The CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ Colour must be filed off prior to an enhancement rebalance.

Can CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ be applied over Gel enhancements?

Yes. Seal with BRISA™ Gloss and cure for one minute (preset button 3) in the CND™ LED Lamp. Do not remove the top film before applying the Colour Coat, then follow with CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ Top Coat. The CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ Colour must be filed off prior to an enhancement rebalance.

Does it really remove in 60 seconds?

Yes, once the 10th nail is wrapped, time 60 seconds and remove!  

How do I remove it?

Use CND Remover Wraps and OfflyFast Moisturising remover for fast and efficient removal. Using other acetone-based removers may not provide the same superior results. 

How does CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ remove 10x faster than other leading gel polish brands?

In competitive product testing, CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ removes 10x faster due to its unique chemistry plus open cross-link structure, which allows the remover to travel faster – all the way down to the natural nail – to release the Colour Coat.

Do I swap from Shellac to Shellac Luxe?

Absolutely not, both systems have different formulations and are designed for different types of customers. There is a demand for both systems. In a nutshell Shellac Luxe is an absolute godsend for faster services for those clients who just do not have time and have fabulous nails and also for speedy Shellac Luxe pedicures. It is worth a try just to get your hands on the new exclusive shades!

Is it better than CND Shellac and why?

We can’t say one is better than the other as both systems have completely different formulations and technologies, they have been designed for different clients. Shellac Luxe is designed with a fast paced, busy client in mind who needs faster services and has great natural nails. 

Can I use Shellac Base Coat with it?

Shellac Luxe colour coat is self-adhering which sets with no need for base coat; you can add the base coat if you wish but it will result in longer removal time. 

Can Luxe be used with other Shellac Top Coats?

Yes however there is no real benefit in doing so unless you're using the 'Trilogy Special Effects Top Coats' to create a look. Your choice of Top Coat will impact removal as the technology in the two formulas are different. Xpress5 is less than 5 minutes. Original Less than 8 minutes. Duraforce less than 15 minutes and Trilogy Special Effects Top Coats are less than 8-10 minutes.

If I can use other shellac top coats can I use Luxe Top coat with original Shellac?

Yes you absolutely can, but why would you? Shellac Luxe has a different technology in the formula and its removal, combining the 2 together may result in different removal times. Applying Shellac Luxe Top coat, which has more micro-pores in the coating, will allow OfflyFast to penetrate faster through the top coat layer, but still takes the same time to reach quick release polymers in Shellac Base Coat, so it may not necessarily be faster.

Are the colours the same as CND Shellac?

Shellac Luxe colour palette starts with 50 globally best-selling original Shellac colours and 15 exclusive Luxe shades that will also be available in Vinylux.

How does the strength of original CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish compare to CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ Gel Polish?

Original CND™ SHELLAC™ is stronger, and perfect for nails that are normal to weak. CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ is a softer coating, and perfect for lift-prone or normal-to-hard natural nails.

Why would I try Shellac Luxe?

You should try Shellac Luxe because you could maximise your profits and get more clients through your door with faster application and removal time. The exclusive curve-hugging brush allows you to polish nails effortlessly and flawlessly, especially on toe nails! Faster removal time will allow you to fit more clients in for pedicures. Shorter treatment time with greatly reduced removal time will allow you to upsell extras like SPA Massage & Exfoliation, nail art add-ons and matching toe nails.


Can I use with my CND lamp (LED and UV) and are the settings the same?

Both lamps work with the entire CND Shellac System including Shellac Luxe. The settings you select are the same as original CND Shellac.

Should my clients still be using SolarOil?

Absolutely, SolarOil works well and is essential with any CND nail system. SolarOil is able to penetrate even faster thanks to the unique micropore structure found in the Shellac Luxe system and that in turn will keep natural nails more healthy!

What are the advantages to the new brush? 

The new brush is a custom-design brush made of over 200 individually polished bristles that lay flat from the side to hug the curves of the nails, and enable the product to squeegee-on for a perfect and thin application. The shape of the brush from the front view is designed to mirror the curve of the cuticle line for easy, precision placement of product. The high-shine comfort cap is easy to hold and control by the Nail Professional.

Will there be more 'new' colours launching?

Yes, there will be 4 collections per year, with each collection containing 5 colours (apart from the Autumn collection which will have 6 colours).

What are the available sizes for the CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ System?

-CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ Colour Coat = 12.5 mL (.42 fl oz) 

-CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ Top Coat = 12.5 mL (.42 fl oz)

How many approximate services per bottle of CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™?

CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ Colour Coat = 50 Services CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ Top Coat = 68 Service


CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ is formulated without Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Xylene or Parabens.

Does CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ get harder with time (like VINYLUX™ Long Wear Polish)?

Yes, CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ will become tougher with time as the cure becomes fully complete.

What is the wearability of CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™? 

When used as a system and recommended for the right client type*, CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ will provide 14+ day wear.

* CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ is ideal for clients with normal-to-strong natural nails.