Posted by Abbie Turner on 12th Aug 2020

We all know that if used correctly, social media can be an amazing tool for your salon and one of the most successful ways of growing your business! We also know that the world of social media can be a pretty overwhelming place if you're not sure how to use social media effectively.

We've collated our top 10 social media tips to help you build a strong social media marketing strategy. Your strategy should guide you in growing your salon on social media, positioning you as the go-to for clients everywhere.

  1. First impressions are key so if your page looks messy, this is a reflection on your salon. Your social media channels are the best way of showcasing your work; convincing people to choose you over any other salon.
  2. Content marketing is super important as we all know content is king. Every piece of social media content you produce must be of the highest quality possible. It’s worth investing in a ring light to add softness to your photos and videos without introducing any harsh shadow.
  3. A great piece of Instagram advice is to decide on a theme for your grid, replicating the aesthetic of your salon. The majority of potential new clients will either discover you via your social media or visit your page before visiting the salon. It’s super important that your feed gives the right impression of your salon.
  4. Establish your salon personality and mirror this on social media. Each piece of content you post should be in line with your salon tone of voice.
  5. A great social media marketing tip is to make sure your branding is consistent and continuously review what’s working on your page and what isn’t. You’ll then have an idea of what your target audience respond to the best, enabling you to make changes and create content to consistently boost your engagement month on month.
  6. Organisation is key. If you’re organised and plan-ahead, you’re already onto a winner. Sit down at the start of each month with your team and discuss what’s coming up. Review the products/services you’d like to push and then start carving out your content calendar from there.
  7. Build client relationships with your existing and potential customers through social media. Respond to their comments and questions to encourage them to keep engaging with your content.
  8. Always be professional, even if you have an established relationship with your client base. Remember, potential clients will be looking at your page so it all comes back to first impressions. Something you may find funny could be potentially offensive to someone else and could lose you a client. Avoid using abbreviations within your copy as this could, again, put people off and create an unprofessional view of your business.
  9. Respond to all customer queries. There’s a tool within Facebook allowing you to set automatic replies, making your customers aware that it may take 24 hours for you to reply. This just helps to avoid customer frustration so they don’t feel they are being ignored.
  10. Be mindful to never use offensive language and treat everyone with the same level of respect when responding to customer queries.

Work your way through all 10 of these steps and prepare to accelerate your business on social media. 

Good luck!

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