Posted by Abbie Turner on 26th Oct 2020

Introducing Education with Emma! A brand-new education initiative aimed at providing the hair professional with advice, tips, tricks and best of all... brand secrets. Education with Emma is brought to you by none other than the wonderful Emma Taylor, Sweet Squared Hair Education Manager!


Today's blog is designed to equip you with the knowledge to safely lighten hair using Alter Ego Italy’s salon professional lightening system, BLONDEGO. BLONDEGO is designed specifically for lifting to blonde, full-head lightening, highlights and balayage. It will work on natural hair, blonde hair and coloured hair.

Let's take a look at the products...

Let’s start with the BLONDEGO Pure Light Oil, a really gentle product to introduce your clients to lightness. This gorgeous product is enriched with Inca Oil and Hyaluronic Acid. It is designed for natural hair and can achieve up to 4 levels of lift! Pure Light Oil is super versatile and can be used to blend the base, add natural sun-kissed highlights and soften the hair colour.

The next product in the range is BLONDEGO Pure Light Cream, which is ideal for sensitised hair. Pure Light Cream can be used on full-head lightening, balayage and highlights. It is a multi-functional lifting product that will allow you to achieve up to 7 levels of lift. This beautiful product is enriched with Murumuru Butter and Inca Oil to help moisturise and strengthen the hair.

Now you may be wondering if we have a product suitable for the scalp? The answer is yes… the BLONDEGO Total Blonde Activator. For full-head scalp lifting we would recommend using the Total Blonde Activator, coupled with the Pure Light Cream. The Total Blonde Activator is approximately 5.8% so will give your client a gentle, delicate lift.

BLONDEGO Pure Light Blue Powder Lightener is your all-round lightening product. It's great for highlights and balayage (although not recommend for the scalp). This dust-free product is enriched with Active Shine Complex to promote healthy hair. Pure Light Blue Powder Lightener provides up to 7 levels of lift. This product is enriched with Inca Oil to constantly strengthen and maintain the lipids, ensuring the quality of the hair is never compromised.

Finally, we have the BLONDEGO Balayage Clay Lightener and the BLONDEGO Ultra 9 Lightener – two shining stars within the range!

Balayage Clay Lightener is our free hand balayage lightening product. You won’t need any foils or separators with this product, making for a super easy application. It glides through the hair seamlessly and the hair feels so glossy and shiny afterwards! Balayage Clay Lightener is enriched with Kaolin to detoxify the hair as it lifts.

For quick lightening techniques, BLONDEGO Ultra 9 Lightener provides 5 levels of lift in 30 minutes and 9 levels of lift in 60 minutes. Using the Pro Light System, the hair will be neutralised as it lifts and the lipids will be replenished.

A few hair lightening tips from Emma…

  • We do not recommend heat with any of the lightening products.
  • We would always recommend lifting ‘low and slow’ for a clean, beautiful blonde.
  • Always think about your choice of developer. If you’re working on finer hair you may only need 1.5 or 3%.
  • When lightening hair in the salon, start with 3% at the back and move onto 6% at the crown for a really slow and even lift.

See you next time for another lesson of Education with Emma! If you’d prefer to watch the full video, you can do so here.

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