Posted by Samantha Sweet on 18th May 2021

Sweet Talk with Samantha Sweet


Well, now we’re all up and running again, everyone is busy which is a GREAT situation to be in. As we were thinking about the ‘Back to Work’ situation, our team brainstormed over things that we could do as a company, just to bring a smile to your faces throughout this crazy busy period. The idea everyone LOVED the most, was to hand write cards with little gifts just to say ‘Welcome Back’. They decided on a phased approach depending on the brand and I am thrilled to say YOU ALL LOVED this approach.


Because it was considered and personal. We really thought about what would make you happy and smile. We have received some wonderful warm responses, unboxing videos and posts regarding the cards and the little gifts. The gifts were small but the idea was to let you know we were excited for you to return to work and we are appreciative of your business and loyalty.

What we also loved was all the extra requests from those that didn’t receive a gift. We love a bit of FOMO reaction and it just goes to show how a small, fun thought can go a long way to peoples hearts. We had Pros shouting from the roof-tops over ‘where’s my card. Where’s my pressie’…

Wicked right?!!! It reminded me of those Tanned & Dangerous Gold bags we had for trade shows; Pros were practically at fisty-cuffs over those bags … actually it was a little scary!!

We have loved the hilarious comments from wonderful customers saying ‘I want another one please – my stamp was slightly crooked’… or ‘please forward one more, the dog ate it… ‘ (likely story).

I believe when it comes to CX, we’re unique; by putting YOU at the heart of everything we do with genuine L&R is what keeps the passion alive and kicking!! Your thoughts are ALWAYS welcome.

1. #POTM – All I hear about is hair extensions and I’m not talking the 5 minute dodgy kind... I’m talking the beautiful kind applied by experts. I LOVED this before and after shot by @natalieeannehair on Instagram!!

@natalieannehair Before & After

2. IN OTHER NEWS – We had a flood at home. The FIRST DAY Sam and I left for the office together after 15 months – YUP!!! It’s true!! My nickname is Monica from Friends because I am a tidy freak – it gives me control and order. So no I wasn’t happy but I have order back and now the real work begins. Even though it has caused a LOT of damage I am looking at the upside of what it’ll mean for our beautiful home. My mindset is positive and yes, I will live through the dust and debris – after all, reading the Daily News Brief – so many more have it so far worse.

3. #QOTM 

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