10th May 2024

FAMOUS NAMES LAUNCHES ACESO™ Famous Names is excited to announce the launch of their latest collection ACESO™, featuring a 4 step nail care system named after the Greek Goddess of Recovery. These products create a salo … read more

CND™ at The Met Gala 2024

8th May 2024

CND™ at The Met Gala 2024 CND™ had the opportunity to partner with some great celebrity names at this year’s MET Gala! Manicures are the cherry on top of any well-crafted look, and the stars at the 2024 Met Gala und … read more

CND™ PLEXIGEL Tips & Tricks

29th Apr 2024

CND™ PLEXIGEL Tips & Tricks When using any of the CND™ PLEXIGEL products, make sure you do not shake the bottle as this can create bubbles. Shaper and Builder can be used straight from the bottle. Bonder and the Protector Top Co … read more

CND™ PLEXIGEL Bridal Nails by Fee Wallace

22nd Apr 2024

CND™ PLEXIGEL Bridal Nails by Fee Wallace Welcome back to another blog, with me Fee Wallace. As a Nail Professional, I endeavour to offer my clients a full service with everything they need to achieve the most joy, pleasure and contentment fr … read more
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