Nature's Palette: CND™ Earth Day Nail Shades

17th Apr 2024

With Earth Day on the horizon, CND™, the esteemed leader in professional nail care, proudly showcases a selection of nature-inspired nail shades in homage to our planet's beauty. We have selected six enchanting shades that pay homage to the diversity of nature. From the calming greens to the warm earthy tones, each shade offers a glimpse into the tranquility and vibrancy found in our natural surroundings.

Olive Grove

A deep, serene green reminiscent of lush olive groves, symbolizing growth, vitality, and harmony with nature.

green shellac gel polish nails, olive tone

Credit: CND™ & @_hollydoesnails

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Inspired by the rugged beauty of desert landscapes, Brimstone captivates with its earthy sand tones, reflecting the timeless allure of arid terrain.

sandy nude tone shellac gel polish

Credit: CND™ & @la_beautique

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Willow Talk

A warm, rich, golden, and buttery brown colour of caramel. You might notice this warm, earthy shade on autumn leaves as they transition from green to brown.

caramel shellac gel polish autumn mustard shade

Credit: CND™ & @fee_wallace

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A taupe that falls somewhere between grey and brown. Its earthy tones create a sense of calm, grounding you to nature.

Taupe earthy shellac gel polish

Credit: CND™ & @unitech.nails

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Wooded Bliss

Picture the soft, warm pinks of a sunset—subtle and calming, like the sky at dusk.

soft warm pink autumn shellac gel polish

Credit: CND™ & @monmayernails 

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Mind Over Matcha

Find tranquility in this muted green reminiscent of serene matcha tea gardens, inviting moments of mindfulness and reflection.

matcha green shellac gel polish

Credit: CND™ & @studiobyhannahbeth

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