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wax:one is the waxing brand taking the industry by storm.

Proudly developed and manufactured in the UK, wax:one was developed by a team with beauty industry experience spanning decades. Every pitfall and flaw encountered during traditional waxing treatment was investigated, and a solution developed within the wax:one range and technique.

The brand’s ethos of simplicity, efficacy and innovation runs through its streamlined range of products which are all designed to suit any area and deliver exceptional results on even the shortest of hairs and promises to be the most pain free hair removal system on the market. 


  • No need for multiple waxes! One Hot Wax, one Strip Wax; two simple ways of delivering incredible removal of all hair types
  • Fantastic adhesion, melts quickly and the wax maintains an even consistency with no risk of going grainy or lumpy
  • Super quick to melt and apply, treatment time is reduced as patches set within seconds
  • Very thin application so you not only use less product, it’s also super effective as it seeks out the base of the hair for clean, comfortable removal from the root
  • Wax contours with the body and doesn’t become brittle, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs and giving a more comfortable experience
  • Low working temperature and rosin-free formula make it perfect for sensitive skin


A premium hot wax with a super thin consistency. Rosin-free and a low working temperature, makes this wax perfect for sensitive skin and delicate areas of the body.


A premium, rosin-free gel crème strip wax. Super economical and leaves no sticky residue on the skin. Ideal for leg, arm and chest waxing.



Angela Sanderson, Salon Owner & wax:one Education Ambassador says...

"As a therapist I love working with wax:one as it never lets you down!

Its unique formula makes it so easy to apply and ensures good clean removal of EVERY HAIR every time whilst never compromising the skin. The lower melting point and thin viscosity makes the treatment more comfortable for the client and the simplicity of the product range makes my job a lot easier! 

I love that there’s only one Hot Wax and one Strip Wax as it keeps my working area tidy. wax:one is designed to work with the coarsest of hair, on the most delicate skin and everything in between so there’s no need to have lots of different pots or sensitive waxes.

The colour & scent is fresh but not too strong so it’s suitable for male & female clients.”

Hannah McAndrew, Award-Winning Nail Technician & wax:one Education Ambassador says...

“We took on wax:one and didn’t expect the results to be any better than our previous brand, as we were using a high-end product that clients loved. We didn’t tell our clients about the switch, so we had unbiased reviews and during their first waxes with wax:one we heard so many of them asking ‘What’s this wax? It doesn’t hurt as much!’

We are thrilled that the client feedback has been 100% positive since switching. Now we have clients coming to us for waxing from all over South Wales (some of whom have converted over from their current waxing specialist salons due to referrals from friends that much prefer wax:one) for all types of waxing. 

From a therapist point of view the wax is so user friendly it is unbelievable. The client can walk straight out of the door with no redness - you would never tell they’d been waxed 5 minutes previously.

wax:one really ticks every box for us.”


The wax:one product range is supported by nationally recognised and accredited education. 

Courses are delivered nationwide in the UK and Ireland. Visit for further information or call Sweet Squared Customer Experience on 0333 000 7000.  

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We get asked a lot if it is safe to wax pregnant women! The answer is YES. As long as your consultation is carried out again and there are no contraindications that the clients have since pregnant, they are fully comfortable on the bed and they have been coming to you for a long time before, it is safe to carry out the usual treatment!
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