LASHUS FIX MIX: The method explained

24th Sep 2023

Do you know your fix from your mix? Want to understand how this technique/system works? Our Brand Master, Kirsti Turrell answers all your questions….

What is FixMix?

FixMix is the result of combining Fix Lotion in a 2:1 ratio with LASHUS tint, creating beautiful, intense colour whilst restoring the bonds in one step.

The FixMix method is an effective & efficient way of performing the treatment, reducing appointment times by up to 10 minutes.

How does FixMix work?

The active ingredient used in LASHUS Fix lotion is Hydrogen Peroxide. This works to restores the bonds in the lashes, fixing them into their new shape.

How many tints does LASHUS have?

LASHUS has launched 5 NEW super intense tints.

This brand-new range of professional-use tints has been exclusively designed to deliver optimum results when used on brows and lashes. Combine with developer or on the lashes using the LASHUS Fix/Mix system.   

What is the timing for FixMix? 

Lift lotion timings remain at 10mins for normal/healthy hair & 12 mins for strong/course hair. FixMix however, must be left for 12 mins regardless of the lift timing, as it has two jobs to do.

What is the mix ratio for FixMix? 

FixMix ratio is 2:1. Two parts fix to one part tint. This is easy to remember as Fix has 2 jobs to do where tint only has 1.

Do I have to switch to the FixMix method? 

No. FixMix is an effective/efficient solution to reduce timings and multiple steps. It is not essential. Lift, fix, then tint & developer can still be used if this is your preferred method.

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