18th Jun 2021

Sweet Talk with Samantha Sweet

It’s Father’s Day around the corner!! I am blessed with TWO dad’s - my father and my dad who bought me up from 12 years old. I also have a super ex-father-in-law and a hilarious, wonderful existing father-in-law. I am blessed with having these men in my life but are they influenced in any way by what I do for a living? Do these men embrace beauty in their lives at 70+?? And what about all the other men out there?


The first time I remember noticing a man who clearly embraced grooming, was when I was 18 living and working in Florida. I was checking in this glamorous couple from NYC to the tennis resort I was working at and as he slid over his Amex I noticed his nails were shiny, clean and perfect. This guy had had a professional manicure… I never even considered a man doing that back then, but why not?

I was born and bought up in Yorkshire and I tend to think that the ‘old school blokes’ would consider having a manicure a total unnecessary ‘girlie’ thing to do… like to have one would suggest they weren’t masculine? The only thing men of my parents’ generation feel was necessary to own was one of those gross brown ‘emery board’ style nail files – horrible brutal things!!

I think a man who takes care of himself by embracing beauty treatments is owning his choices in being a cisgender man. Times have changed so much now that men are comfortable having treatments and there is a real and lucrative opportunity for beauty experts to find their niche in men’s services. There isn’t really a service we do, that men can’t have!! I made Sam have his nostrils waxed and he actually LIKED it!!!! I too enjoy that treatment… does that make me weird?

Let’s make sure that we’re bringing our boys up to be OK with beauty… but lets not go over the top and create monsters lol. Both my boys are very different, but I would still say that hair cuts/colour remain the MOST important in their regime of male grooming.

There are many ways to market beauty services to men and let’s make sure we educate them too. Dad (at now 80 years old) is very familiar with the nail industry and always had beautiful manicured, shiny nails. My father on the hand has bitten his nails for years but does embrace a haircut. I don’t think my ex or my existing father-in-law have ever gone to a beauty salon in their lives, but that is THEIR generation. We live in very different times.

Throughout this chat I have referred to straight cisgender men because beauty treatments are still a novelty to many. What about the fabulous LGBTQ+ community? These vibrant humans LOVE beauty treatments and embrace all aspects of beauty. Another huge opportunity.

So are men embracing beauty – some are for sure… but we have many, many out there to turn to the ‘beautiful side’… let's get cracking!!

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2. IN OTHER NEWS - I embraced my blonde side. I still scare the life out of myself when I see me in in a mirror… but it has given me a different perspective… I feel… lighter!!

3. #QOTM - I love this quote and so apt for our mens grooming discussion.

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