Posted by Samantha Sweet on 18th Jul 2022

Sweet Talk with Samantha Sweet

Are the days of a service menu offering long gone? I think so and here’s why! 

I’m speaking for myself here, but I loathe restaurant menus and service menus that have so much option I can’t see the wood for the trees. 

When someone comes to your salon, or they have booked an appt with you as a mobile therapist, clearly they want a service. They know they want their nails done. They may even have an idea of what they want… a picture they have seen, a colour or a look. More often than not – they have no clue as to what they want or need. 

If you have a service menu that talks about a ‘full set of liquid and powder’ or a ‘full set of gels’, even fibreglass… most consumer clients have no idea at what you are referring to… why confuse them? Why talk or mention things they don’t understand? 

It is up to YOU to look at what they have a TELL THEM what they need… 

They may want 6 inch talons and that is more than likely not going to happen on the first Appt so you need to walk them through what you are going to achieve together and how! 

Explain your partnership. Tell them they can have what they want but you want to do it responsibly which means it may take two or three appointments. Be firm. It is YOUR job to do what they want but also your job to guide and advise. 

Remember most people don’t know what they want and you can turn a situation around by guiding them. What do most new clients say? My nails break after a certain amount of time… I wish they were stronger… I wish they were longer etc etc… 

All that is achievable but you need to be confident in your responses, treatments and suggestions of how you will achieve their desired look. 

Who’s going to say NO when you explain… here’s what we’re going to do and here’s how we’re going to do it. 

I know I’d sit there and think great. Ok. Let’s do this. At the end of the day you’re the experts and you know (or should know) what’s best for your clients nails. 

Do you need an elaborate service menu to tell them what YOU know is best for them? No.

Look… diagnose… agree and start. Once you give them what they want but beautifully and responsibly, they’ll be a client for life!!


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