3rd Jun 2024

Artistic Colours of Carnival Collection Summer 2024

Artistic is excited to announce the new Colours of Carnival collection for Summer 2024. This collection is inspired by a celebration of colour and self-expression, with a focus on vibrant and bold shades, get ready to embrace the festive spirit of carnival! 

The new Colours of Carnival collection includes FIVE brand new, bold tones and an iridescent shimmer! With all colours available in both Colour Gloss Soak Off Gel Polish and Colour Revolution Reactive Nail Lacquer, every lover of colour will have an Artistic shade to create stunning nail looks that reflects their own unique personality and style!

The Colours of Carnival collection includes:

SATURDAY NIGHT FREVO: A vibrant and fiery tangerine shade with red tones that captures the energy and passion of carnival festivities. This bold and empowering color is perfect for making a statement and has a slight metallic look to it.

P.S. I LOVE RIO: A lively and energetic pink, neon shade with coral tones that embody the vibrancy and excitement of carnival celebrations. This shade will add a burst of colour and playfulness to your nail looks.

PARADING IN PARADISE: A sunny and cheerful yellow shade with a hint of mustard, representing the joy and happiness of carnival. This vibrant colour will instantly uplift your mood and bring a touch of sunshine to your nails. 

UP TEAL DAWN:  A rich and vibrant teal green shade inspired by the lush tropical vibes associated with carnival. This shade will bring a sense of freshness and vitality to your nails.

MORE SAMBA PLEASE!: A bold and electrifying pink with purple tones that captures the spirit of adventure and freedom of carnival. This shade will make a bold statement and add a pop of colour to your nail designs.

BEACHIN' IN BRAZIL: A mesmerising and iridescent shimmer that can be layered over any of the other shades in the Colours of Carnival collection or can be used on its own to create a dreamy shimmer. This shade adds a touch of magic and whimsy, transforming your nails into a captivating work of art.

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