25th Jan 2024

Today, the BBC Morning Live Programme shed further light on potential allergic reactions associated with certain gel polish systems. We welcome the BBC's commitment to raising awareness about this crucial issue and want to reassure our clients and industry professionals about the safety of CND™ Shellac™.

CND™, a leader in the nail industry, conducts thorough research, testing, formulation, and manufacturing of all products in the USA. Since the groundbreaking launch of the patented Shellac™ gel polish system in 2010, CND™ has kept an unparalleled standard in professional safety, education, and care. Our continuous commitment to research and development ensures that professionals and clients have confidence in using a proven brand with integrity and an outstanding reputation.

The recent surge in allergic reactions is linked to the widespread use of private-labelled nail products and at-home gel systems. Many of these products, produced by third-party manufacturers, prioritise cost-cutting over quality, utilising questionable formulations and ingredients. These formulations, including strong sensitisers, have been identified as potential causes of these reactions. We strongly recommend caution when using systems lacking independent safety assessments and encourage professionals to use a complete system, including the correct lamp designed for product curing.

Samuel and Samantha Sweet, Co-Founders of Sweet Squared, endorse the BBC's report and echo the importance of receiving nail treatments from fully trained, professional nail technicians using reputable brands such as CND™.

Samantha Sweet stated, "At Sweet Squared, we welcome the BBC report and wholeheartedly agree with their advice. Individuals should always choose fully trained, professional nail technicians using safe, reputable brands like CND™.”

Why choose CND™ Shellac™? 


•Formulated without HEMA

•Researched, developed, and formulated in the USA

•Under 10-minute soak-off removal with zero damage to the natural nail when using the full CND™ Shellac™ system correctly

•Industry-leading advocate for the role of nail care 

•Vegan and Cruelty-Free 

•World-class award-winning education

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