4th May 2022

WOW! What an amazing night it was for all things fashion, hair and beauty at the MET Gala 2022. This event is definitely one we look forward to ALL year and this year we are thrilled to announce that CND™ partnered with two celebrity nail professionals and created some amazing nail looks on several of the major global stars who attended. We’re talking Addison Rae, Shawn Mendes, Emma Chamberlain (you get the picture!). Keep scrolling for more information on how to recreate these amazing nail designs... your clients will love you for this!

Natalie Minerva x Addison Rae

Firstly, CND™ partnered with celebrity nail artist Natalie Minerva (@natalieminervanails on Instagram) to create a gorgeous, gunmetal nail design for TikTok star Addison Rae. Natalie took inspiration from Addison’s dress and it’s safe to say we love the finished look!


Look Breakdown:

  1. Start with a medium length press on as a base nail, then apply CND™ Shellac™ Original Base Coat. Cure using the CND™ LED Lamp.
  2. Then, apply two coats of CND™ Shellac™ in Silver Chrome and cure after each layer.
  3. Then use a variety of hematite Swarovski pieces, both in flat back and pointed. This will achieve the organic stone feeling of the nails.
  4. To adhere the stones, use CND™ PLEXIGEL™ Builder. Then, use the CND™ PLEXIGEL™ Protector Topcoat to seal everything together! 

Betina Goldstein x Shawn Mendes

CND™ partnered with another celebrity nail artist, Betina Goldstein (@betina_goldstein on Instagram) to create a matte navy-blue and gold nail design for singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes. Inspiration for the look came from Shawn’s Tommy Hilfiger outfit – who doesn’t love some nails/ outfit co-ordination?!


Look Breakdown:

  1. Begin with CND™ Shellac™ Original Base Coat and cure using the CND™ LED Lamp.
  2. Then apply two coats of CND™ Shellac™ in Winter Nights – don't forget to cure after each coat.
  3. For the Tommy Hilfiger presence, recreate their red and white flag on one nail of each hand using CND™ Shellac™ in Decadence and Studio White.
  4. Then seal everything together with the CND™ Shellac™ Matte Topcoat for a super matte but smooth finish.
  5. Adhere some gold clusters on each nail using the CND™ PLEXIGEL™ Builder.
  6. Last but not least, moisturise the nails and cuticles using the CND™ SolarOil™.

Betina Goldstein x Emma Chamberlain

Betina also created another gorgeous look for Youtuber Emma Chamberlain. This nail design took an ivory base colour with a 3D lace effect throughout the nail. The inspiration came from Emma’s classic ivory look and Betina wanted to recreate that in nail-form. 


Look Breakdown:

  1. Start by applying long, coffin-shaped press-on nail tips. Then, apply the CND™ Shellac™ Original Base Coat and cure using the CND™ LED Lamp.
  2. For the main colour of the nail design, use CND™ Shellac™ in Cream Puff.
  3. Then use the CND™ PLEXIGEL™ Builder and a detailing tool to create the lace moulding on the nail. To achieve the 3D effect, don’t forget to cure.
  4. To make them pop even more, shade the moulding with CND™ Shellac™ in Rubble around the edges.
  5. To finish things off, use the CND™ Shellac™ Matte Topcoat before curing the nails one last time.

Betina Goldstein x Lily James

Another look created by Betina was actress Lily James’ simplistic yet beautiful nail design. The nails were clean and natural with subtle sparkle – so dreamy in our eyes! Betina wanted the nails to look as if they were almost “dripping off Lily’s hands”. 


Look Breakdown:

  1. Begin with CND™ PLEXIGEL™ Bonder and cure using the CND™ LED Lamp.
  2. Then apply two coats of the CND™ PLEXIGEL™ Shaper to create that perfect almond shape. Again, don’t forget to cure after each coat.
  3. For a sheer and natural look, apply two coats of CND™ Shellac™ in Veiled and seal with CND™ PLEXIGEL™ Protector Topcoat for high shine.
  4. Then apply crystals and chains to tie in with the design of the dress, using the CND™ PLEXIGEL™ Builder as the adhesive. 

Betina Goldstein x Gemma Chan

Last but certainly not least, Betina created a gorgeous silver chrome design on actress Gemma Chan. The design was certainly high-impact and ticked all the boxes when it comes to glamourous nails. 


Look Breakdown:

  1. Start with applying the CND™ Shellac™ Original Base Coat and cure using the CND™ LED Lamp.
  2. For the base colour of the design, apply two coats of CND™ Shellac™ in Black Pool and again, cure after each layer.
  3. Then, use one coat of the CND™ Shellac™ No Wipe+ Topcoat
  4. After the one layer of topcoat, quickly apply the CND™ Over the Top Effects in Pearl Obsession to create a chromed look. 

Make sure you tag us on Instagram @sweetsquared.nails and @cndworld when you recreate these fabulous nail designs!

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