Do you know it all when it comes to SPF?

12th Jun 2023

The most important product in any skincare routine is Sun Protection Factor (SPF). What some people don’t realise is we need this every day as part of our skincare routine. UVA is present 365 days of the year; I explain to clients that we have UVB which is our B - Burning Ray, we feel this ray, we see the changes it can cause. What we don’t feel is UVA, but it is there, and it is a silent killer. UVA penetrates deeper within the skin and can cause catastrophic changes to our cellular structures. 80% of skin aging is caused by UV exposure, it depletes our collagen stores by destroying cells which prevent degradation. In other words, it removes the bounce and youthfulness from the skin. It can take 10 - 20 years for the full impact to show following UV exposure, and this is with pigment too. Pigment, melasma, and age spots are all generally caused by a UV trigger. Yes, they can have hormonal influence, but UV is the main catalyst in this. UV / sun exposure is responsible for most skin cancers, and did you know 90% are preventable through adequate sun protection? 

Rachel Scott from Alnwick advanced skin and laser clinic, a Nimue stockist at Sweet Squared said, “I highly recommend Nimue SPF to my clients for many reasons, it is a stand-alone SPF for one. Many don’t realise but combination SPF in moisturisers or makeup is not adequate protection. We need the full coverage of UVA protection which a product like Nimue SPF gives with a minimum 40 factor. I find clients also love the texture and feel, it is weightless and invisible on the skin without that sticky feel or white flash back on photos. Nimue SPF also contains powerful ingredients, which have an ultra-effective ability to remain stable against UVA damage, whilst also being suitable for even sensitised skin. As a skin professional with a 3 year degree in skin techniques Nimue will always be my go-to recommendation. It is a trusted, high-quality skincare with skin health at the forefront of every product as it should be”. 

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Jenna Ferguson, director of The Skin Genie, also a Nimue stockist with Sweet Squared said: “We’re all in the habit of getting our teeth checked at the dentist and visiting the optician but for some reason skin health checks are low on people’s agenda. Hopefully with awareness this can change. I think that because we don’t live in a sunny climate people consider the risk of skin cancer to be low, particularly in Cumbria where we have a lot of rainy days. This a myth and the accumulative effect of UV exposure on a day-to-day basis even when it is not sunny is extremely damaging to the skin. UVB rays are what we see when it is sunny and these rays can burn the skin, but it is the UVA rays which give us daylight that can penetrate through clouds and deep into our skin where it can cause damage and cell mutation.”

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