8th Sep 2022

As the seasons change, so should your skincare routine, or at least some of the products in it. Humidity levels drop in the colder months, leading to dryer and cooler air, which as we know can cause our skin to become dry and chapped. Obviously not what any of us want! So, it's important to adjust our routine to lock those all-important moisture levels in. 

How do I transition my skincare during winter? Here are six important steps you can take to transition into the colder months, with some of our favourite winter skincare saviours.

1. Swap your perfumed cleansers for a soap-free cleanser or oil

Your winter cleanser will ensure hydration and moisture stays in the skin. A non-drying, soap-free cleanser like the Nimue Cleansing Gel and use of a hyaluronic acid-based product like the Nimue Hyaluronic Oil will help ensure maximum hydration. 

   Nimue Hyaluronic Oil  Nimue Cleansing Gel

2. Swap your cosmetic moisturiser to a derma-cosmeceutical moisturiser

To ensure maximum hydration, use a derma-cosmeceutical moisturiser to assist in the healing and restructuring of the skin. Applying the Nimue Day and Nimue Night during the winter will result in a healthier, optimally functioning skin with visible results, locking in moisture and leaving a smooth and youthful appearance.

Nimue Day  Nimue Night

3. Add an exfoliation step into your routine

If you don’t already, exfoliating as part of your skincare routine will help you achieve glowing skin no matter what time of year. Without exfoliating, you will stop other products from working their magic due to clogged pores. Why not introduce the non-abrasive Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme into your routine this A/W to keep your skin clear of any dead skin cells? It uses fruit-based enzymes from Pineapple and Papaya and is a Sweet Squared bestseller.

Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme

4. Still apply SPF (yes that’s right!)

You may or may not know but SPF is meant for wearing all year round, not just in the summer. This is simply because you are still exposed to damage from UV rays, even when the sun isn’t shining. Stock up on the all-important skincare product with the Nimue Sun-C SPF40 Sunscreen to maintain your winter glow (it also smells amazing too!)

Nimue Sun-C SPF40 Sunscreen

5. Add a mask into your routine

Face masks in general are beneficial all year round, however you should be turning your focus to hydrating face masks, in particular, in the winter. The Nimue Super Hydrating Mask will restore any moisture and hydration in the skin which may have been reduced as the weather gets colder.

Nimue Super Hydrating Mask

6. Apply your skincare products straight after a shower

Like you should with applying body lotion, start your facial skincare routine whilst your skin is still damp from the shower. If you act fast post-shower, you will reduce the amount of moisture evaporating from the skin. 

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