21st Jul 2022

We’re firmly on the JLo hype after seeing her wedding hair and makeup; she looked absolutely gorgeous. She really is an all-round icon, so we thought we’d take a look back at all the mega hairstyles which she’s pulled off over years, and let us tell you – there's a lot! Have a scroll through her different looks and find out which products you need to help you achieve them! 

Tight Top Knot


A slick back, smart style which can be achieved with the KEVIN.MURPHY SUPER.GOO

Smooth Side-Part


Classy and simple, a timeless classic. The KEVIN.MURPHY SMOOTH.AGAIN will help achieve the smooth finish to this style. 

Sleek Bob

   SACHUAJUAN Hair Paste

Who doesn’t love a sleek look?! The SACHAJUAN Hair Paste is a key product to use for this sort of style. 

Glam Side-Part


Look at that volume and bounce! This look can be achieved by using the KEVIN.MUPRHY BODY.BUILDER to really maximise that fullness. 

The ICONIC JLo Half-Up


The iconic JLo look which everyone knows (and loves!!). The KEVIN.MURPHY MOTION.LOTION will definitely bring you the JLo hair vibes. 

Voluminous Waves


Wow, the volume envy is real. Using the KEVIN.MURPHY POWDER.PUFF will instantly volumise the hair exactly the way you want. 

Long Blow-Out

   SACHAJUAN Finish Cream

Effortless soft waves will always be our fave. Using the SACHAJUAN Finish Cream will be your best friend when recreating this look. 

Wet Beachy Hair

   SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist Spray

The ultimate beach hair look. Use the SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist Spray to recreate this envious, beachy look. 

Shaggy Shoulder Length


A shabby-chic look we can definitely get behind. This tousled look can be achieved by using the KEVIN.MURPHY BEDROOM.HAIR textured hairspray. 

Classic Pony


You can’t go wrong with a classic pony, can you? Using the KEVIN.MURPHY BLOW.DRY EVER.SMOOTH will provide the smoothness for this classic look. 

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