13th Feb 2023

It’s no secret that e-files have gained a bad rep over the years. We’re here to myth-bust and educate on any common misconceptions you nail pros may have. E-files absolutely have a place within our industry and are HUGELY beneficial!

E-files can be seen as scary due to the risk of overfilling the natural nail plate causing heat spikes and thinning the nail plate at the same time. Well guess what? An everyday file / buffer can also do all the above and more!

IT’S ABOUT THE TECH NOT THE TOOL!!! When used CORRECTLY by a TRAINED nail pro, an e-file should cause no nail damage whatsoever. In fact, you can be much more precise with your work!! A hand-file can be limiting in tight and difficult to maneuver areas as you’re working on a flat surface, yet an e-file manages this effortlessly.

What if my clients are nervous about me using an e-file?
Just like the pros, clients may have their doubts or have had a bad experience in-salon due to an un-trained nail tech. Have open and honest discussion with them!! If they have been coming to you for a while, they will trust your judgement. If they’re a new client, reassure them. You’re the pro and you know your stuff through proper training and education. Your clients should have nothing to worry about!

“I ADORE my KUPA e-File” says Chloe Abbott Founder and owner of Chloe Cordelia Nails & Beauty, Leeds premiere nail boutique situated in Horsforth, “most of my clients prefer my KUPA eFile service to hand filing because it’s more gentle and much quicker; the whole process is just way more comfortable for them AND for me!! As a well-trained nail artist, I am very confident in my abilities which instils plenty of confidence in my clients”.

RPM or Torque? (Or what in the world do they mean?)
In the e-file world, torque is more important than RPM. RPMs are rotations per minute, these only tell you how fast the e-file can spin, not how well it works when filing.
Imagine you’ve just bought your dream car, it gets to 100mph in 6 seconds! But… you attach a roof rack full of gear and add three passengers and suddenly the car struggles. This is because it has speed but not torque. An e-file without torque will slow down and struggle when applied to a surface, this can cause techs to apply more pressure to compensate for the loss of power, but this is what can lead to heat, damage and other potential injuries to the client. With a high-quality e-file machine such as KUPA, only a light touch is needed.

Ultimately it is all about EDUCATION. In the past, the e-file market has been consumed by poor educated techs and poor quality e-files. Sweet Squared are changing that with their multi-award-winning education and by representing the Lambo of all e-files – KUPA!! We have two new courses designed for every pro, whether you’ve previously used another e-file, or you are completely new to e-filing. Click the links to learn more. 


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