13th Feb 2023


Our courses are specifically designed to give nail pros the knowledge and techniques to safely use the KUPA e-file to enhance their enhancement services, without compromising the natural nail.

NEW.2.KUPA is for ANY trained enhancement nail pro who wants to enter the world of e-filing to learn fast, slick and modern skills.

NEW.2.KUPA is also for ANY trained enhancement nail pro that already has e-file experience but wants to upgrade to the best e-file system in the world – the KUPA e-file. You will upgrade not only your knowledge, but your hands-on expertise to master the KUPA e-file skillfully!

After unboxing and getting to know your new KUPA-KIT, you’ll learn how to enhance your cuticle work to perfection, glide through rebalance techniques, finish file techniques and so much more.

The KUPA E-File is a great service time saving solution for nail enhancement (gel’s, builders and liquid & powder) treatments. You may be thinking ‘but I love the time with my clients, and they certainly love their time with me?’. Yes of course but worry not!!

Using the KUPA e-file will reduce your service time giving you more treat time for added nail art, a final hand-massage, a mani or pedi service or even a toe wax – the little things your client doesn’t usually have time for so no compromise on your time together.

The other plus is, you can keep doing nails for years to come as the use of a KUPA e-file protects you from repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Choosing to invest in an Academy2 course to learn all things KUPA will put you ahead of the game as we guide you through every step always being on-hand to support you after you’ve completed your course. 

Find out more about the KUPA class here

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