24th Sep 2023

LASHUS have launched 5 NEW super intense tints for lashes and brows. This brand-new range of professional-use tints has been exclusively designed to deliver optimum results when used with the LASHUS FixMix system. Our LASHUS Brand Master, Kirsti answers all your tint-related questions below. 

1. What new tint colours have LASHUS Launched?

We previously had one tint in the portfolio (Blue/Black) but have now launched 4 more colours within the portfolio – Light Brown, Dark Brown, Graphite and Black. 

  • Blue-black is the most popular colour for eyelashes. It adds the deepest colour, intensity, depth & shine.
  • Black adds depth to lashes and can be used to darken other eyebrow tints or on clients with very dark/black hair.
  • Dark Brown is perfect for a softer, more natural lash look and for darker brown brows. It can be used with light brown to customise brown tones.
  • Light Brown is ideal for dark blonde or natural light brown lash and brow clients. Light brown can also be used to lighten other eyebrow tints.
  • Graphite/Grey blends perfectly with grey or white hair. It can be mixed with all other tint colours to create cooler tone.

2. How do I use the tints?

If you're mixing LASHUS Fix Lotion, use one part tint to two parts Fix (ratio1:2). But when mixing with LASHUS 3% Cream Tint Developer, use one part tint to one part developer (ratio 1:1)

3. Can I mix the tints?

Yes, all tints are completely customisable. They can be mixed together to create colour depth and tonal changes.

4. What do you mean by FixMix?

FixMix is the result of combining fix lotion in a 2:1 ratio with LashUs tint, creating beautiful, intense colour whilst restoring the bonds in one step.

The FixMix method is an effective & efficient way of performing the treatment, reducing appointment times by up to 10 minutes. 

5. Do you have a developer?

Yes, we have a Cream Tint Developer containing 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. Formulated specifically for use with the new range of LASHUS Tints to activate the colour for an intense finish.

  • The cream base ensures it stays in place on application and doesn’t run.
  • It’s very moisturising whichleaves hair feeling smooth and supple.
  • Can be used on brows and lashes.
  • Only needed on lashes if theFixMix method isn’t being used.
  • Vegan formulation.

6. How many applications can I get from the tints?

With approximately 30 treatments per tube, the Cream Tint Developer is suitable for use on both lashes and brows

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7. Can I use the new tint with my old Lashus Developer? 

The new Lashus tint and developer system are designed to work as a system together. We have not tested the results of mixing old and new. The new tint and developer have additional benefits and excellent end results, we would recommend using the new system for improved performance.

8. What is the tint & developer mix ration? 

Tint & developer should be used with a 1:1 ratio (50/50). Equal parts tint & developer.

9. Can you blend/mix tint colours? 

Absolutely, all the colours can and should be customised for individual client colour matches.

10.What is different when tinting the brows after lamination? 

After Lamination the brow hair has been processed by Lift & Fix solutions. This means the hair will take on tint colour much faster and more intense than untreated hair. We recommend selecting a lighter colour and leaving it on for less time than you would with a standard brow tint.

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