LASHUS: What is FixFilm?

24th Sep 2023

LASHUS FixFilm has been designed exclusively for use during brow lamination treatments. FixFilm optimises the processing time and efficacy of Lift Lotion and holds brows in place while the product works its magic.   

Once Lift Lotion is applied, FixFilm is placed over each brow individually. We recommend lifting the FixFilm regularly throughout the process to check the processing of the brow hair. FixFilm is not required for the Fix or tint steps.

How big is the roll? The roll is 100m

I already have a similar product, why do I need this LASHUS one?

  • Pre-sized - designed for ease of use.
  • Cling-free - will not cling to itself or excessively cling to product.
  • Perforated - simply tear a perfectly sized piece.
  • Stretch-free - will not stretch and pull out of shape when removing from roll or placing over brows.
  • Crumple-free - sits over the brow area ensuring minimal product movement.
  • Branded – fantastic for promoting LASHUS treatments. 

How does FixFilm work? 

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