30th Aug 2022

Light Elegance A Walk in Central Park Autumn Collection 2022  Light Elegance A Walk in Central Park Autumn Collection 2022

Nothing says autumn like the gorgeous array of colourful leaves that decorate the trees in Central Park. Combined with the backsplash of the city and its always on-trend fashions, autumn in Central Park captures the beauty of changing seasons in a way that touches us all, and that’s exactly why Light Elegance chose A Walk in Central Park as the theme for its new Autumn 2022 ButterCream Collection.

A Walk in Central Park features six new on-trend shades that combine the sophistication of the city with rich tones —found only in nature —that will inspire you to wrap up in a scarf and take a long walk with a skip in your step. Light Elegance’s ButterCream’s advanced formulation features high opacity for great coverage, butter-smooth application and 4+ week wear, making life in the salon that much easier.

“In the process of creating A Walk in Central Park, we took a deep dive into Fall fashion trends. Looking at the fashion trends for Fall 2022, plaid it its! When we think of plaid skirts and scarves, we think of reds, purples, coppers and beautiful mauves, all of which we’ve incorporated into A Walk in Central Park. When you combine warm, cozy, sophisticated and sexy, you have a Fall collection that is truly special.” - Lezlie McConnell (Co-founder and Co-owner of Light Elegance).


Rendezvous with You - This rich plum is mixed with tiny pieces of fuchsia sparkles. The sparkles add a touch of brightness to the dark and luscious colour making it wearable with a wide variety of looks.

Coverage: Opaque | Effect: Shimmer

Rendezvous With You

Credit: @badash_nails via Instagram 

Mad About Plaid - A perfect autumnal raspberry! This red raspberry is laced with a subtle pink shimmer throughout. The combination of colour and shimmer make for a rich, dramatic autumn red that is sure to complement your style.

Coverage: Opaque | Effect: Shimmer

Mad About Plaid

Credit: @darcyolin via Instagram

Central Park Stroll - A muddled teal with a creamy grey undertone. Central Park Stroll is not too green, not too blue, but instead the perfect teal neutral — sophisticated and sexy.

Coverage: Opaque | Effect: Flat/Cream

Central Park Stroll

Credit: @gelledbymel via Instagram

Manhattan Mauve - A muddled pink mauve neutral. This creamy mauve is not subtle — it is a stand-out rosy-brown that will be a stylish staple with your clients.

Coverage: Opaque | Effect: Flat/Cream

Manhattan Mauve

Credit: @gelledbymel via Instagram

A Jog with My Dog - A rusty-red, fiery-gold shimmer! This brown-meets-red is sophisticated with its beautiful gold shimmer throughout, both playful and professional.

Coverage: Opaque | Effect: Shimmer

A Jog with My Dog

Credit: @badash_nails via Instagram

Bundle Up Blue - Is it black or is it blue? This is a deep, dark navy blue that almost looks black with incredible depth thanks to the blue undertones. This creamy blue is dark and dramatic.

Coverage: Opaque | Effect: Flat/Cream

Bundle Up Blue

Credit: @clairepittsnails via Instagram


Need some inspiration for some nail art designs using the ButterCreams from the A Walk in Central Park collection? Here are three step-by-step guides for you!


Nail Art Look One: ‘Falling Leaves’ - @badash_nails

1. Apply a thin layer of Bundle Up Blue over a clear base or enhancement and cure.

2. Apply a second layer of Bundle Up Blue, applying it thicker by the cuticle and then blending it down so the tip is still somewhat see through and cure.

3. Using What's Your Alibi? Glitter Gel, apply the glitter in a swirling motion across the nail and cure.

4. Apply a thin layer of Crystal Clear JimmyGel and apply leaf pieces if desired into wet gel and cure.

5. Encapsulate with Crystal Clear JimmyGel if needed, buff, and top with Super Shiny Top Coat


Nail Art Look Two: ‘Abstract Autumn’ - @gelledbymel

1. Using Block Brush add small spots of Bundle up Blue, Central Park Stroll, and Rendezvous With You and do not cure.

2. Do the same with A Jog with My Dog, Mad About Plaid, and Manhattan Mauve and do not cure.

3. Take a dry gel polish brush and on one half of the nail, from cuticle to free edge, gently float and pull the colour down. Repeat on second half of the nail. Cure for 30 seconds in the LEDdot.

4. Add foil to the nail. Cover with a layer of Crystal Clear JimmyGel and cure for one minute in the LEDdot. Using a Foamie File, give a quick buff and finish off with Super Shiny Top Coat. Cure for one minute, again using the LEDdot. Cleanse with LEpro Cleanser and finish the service with LEpro Cuticle Oil


Nail Art Look Three: 'Spotted and Zebra Print Nails' - @taryns.nails

1. On top of a white nail, paint 2 curvy diagonal lines on the nail

2. Add Rendezvous With You ButterCream along each of the painted lines

3. Do the same with Central Park Stroll ButterCream

4. On the white part of the nail, add black spots or zebra stripes all over the white parts of the nail

5. With a light hand, paint a very thin line of Gold Metallic ButterCream in between two of the already painted lines

6. Topcoat with Flat Matte Top Coat

Note – you can use any Light Elegance colour of your choice on the other three nails! 

Don’t forget to tag us in your nail selfies if you recreate any of these looks or any looks from this collection at @sweetsquared.nails

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