10th Oct 2022

Light Elegance Structure Shades

Light Elegance is known for the advanced chemistry found only in the Lexy Line hard gel and JimmyGel building bases systems. From crystal clear to gorgeous pinks and the brightest whites, the Lexy Line and JimmyGel offer a comprehensive range of shades. Now, we’re adding two new shades to offer more variety and compliments to a wider range of skin tones. These additions truly make the Lexy Line and JimmyGel the systems of choice for nail professionals and clients alike!



Coverage: Semi-Opaque | Available in: Lexy Line

A semi-opaque brown cashmere neutral with a touch of pink. Cashmere is versatile and perfect for all skin tones!

Lexy Line Cashmere

Delicate Peach

Coverage: Semi-Opaque | Available in: Lexy Line & JimmyGel

A semi-opaque, pink/ brown shade with a peachy undertone. With enough opacity to hide blemishes, this is the perfect peach shade to complete the Lexy Line library! In the JimmyGel formula, this shade provides a peachy building gel base which can perform services from natural nail manicures to long extensions.

Lexy Line Delicate Peach   

Delicate Peach Building Base Gel

“People come in all different shades and the more variety to choose from the more we can ensure that there is a tone and colour to fit everybody. JimmyGel is an amazingly versatile product and the addition of ‘Delicate Peach’ ensures that this wonderful product can be used on even more hands. ‘Cashmere Pink’ is an excellent extension to the ‘pinks’ in the Lexy Line along with ‘Delicate Peach’. Both colours can be applied sheer or in combination with existing JimmyGel or Lexy Line products to create even more custom looks to bring a variety of nail bed tones to life.” - Tabytha Scott (@tabythascott_nails via Instagram)


  • 4+ week wear, indestructible formula
  • Find viscosity to suit your speed
  • Easy to file by hand or with an eFile⁣
  • Voted “Best Hard Gel System” by Nail Pros
  • Use to build structure, add strength and easily shape
  • Available in a variety of beautiful shades⁣ for every skin tone
  • Always HEMA-Free, 9-Free, Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Gluten-Free


  • 4+ week wear, plus simple soak-off
  • Holds its shape on a form beautifully
  • Ideal balance of strength and flexibility
  • Brush-bottle design saves time on extension services
  • Completely versatile from thin to thick, short to long
  • Files quickly with minimal effort for easy shaping
  • Formulated for use under any hard gel or soak-off gel
  • Brush-bottle design makes long-lasting gel services quick and easy
  • LE is HEMA-Free, 9-Free, Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Gluten-Free
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