27th May 2022

Eunice Bredenkamp

This extract was taken from Nimue’s Academy2 LIVE on menopausal skin with Nimue International Educator, Eunice Bredenkamp from Nimue Skin Technology, South Africa.

As skin therapists, we’re in a privileged position to be able to help clients throughout their life.

The menopause is when women gradually stop having periods, mostly between the ages of 45-55.

The key to managing clients’ skin health, throughout this transformative time is balance. Whether it’s helping clients by offering more relaxing treatments or creating a homecare routine that supports their skin.

Consulting with clients regularly and offering treatments will help them combat any negative side effects they might be experiencing.

Women in the menopause go through changes in their body from hormonal fluctuations. These can reflect in the skin and we often see clients suffering from concerns like dry skin, pigmentation and loss of elasticity.

Dry skin Hyperpigmented skin Loss of elasticity

Whilst lifestyle factors and self-care are particularly important at this time, you can still help clients with their confidence through rejuvenating skin treatments and Nimue homecare.

The menopause affects the endocrine system, which in turn leads to hormonal ups and downs that can alter the skin’s appearance.

Examples include:

Androgen levels change, which can stimulate sebaceous activity and lead to oily skin and breakouts.

Low progesterone levels can increase insulin production and excess androgen hormone and blocked pores.

Lower levels of oestrogen can decrease collagen production, leading to hyperpigmentation and loss of skin elasticity. Oestrogen changes can also lead to dehydration and maintaining epidermal thickness and blood flow to your skin. This can mean dull, tired looking skin.

You might also see clients with outbreaks of rosacea, which can become worse in perimenopause and menopause. This is due to a reduction in moisture levels and restoration of the skin’s barrier will help, so try using and recommending products like Nimue Pre & Post Serum and Nimue Hyaluronic Oil.

Nimue Pre & Post Serum 30mlNimue Hyaluronic Oil 15ml

Protection from a high factor SPF, such as Nimue Sun-C Environmental Shield SPF50 is always a must to help repair the skin’s barrier.

Nimue Sun-C Environmental Shield SPF50 50ml

Nimue’s ai range is also brilliant for menopausal clients, as it can be used on interactive skin types. It will help combat dehydration, protect the skin’s barrier, whilst brightening and firming the complexion.

Nimue ai Range

In general, think about using brightening, hydrating, relaxing and protective products and treatments to help your clients navigate the changes associated with menopause.

The impact of menopause on clients is life changing. Skin health is just one way to help your clients feel more cared for during this challenging time.

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