Salon Spring Clean

22nd Mar 2024

With the Spring season just round the corner, it's time to refresh your salon...

Take a look at some of our top tips for giving your salon a spring clean!

Check expiry dates

  • Expired products can work less effectively or even cause nasty reactions on the skin.
  • All products will be listed with an expiry date from opening, make sure to take extra care to check products that are used less frequently.
  • Expiry is normal and can happen over time but it may also be due to the incorrect storage of a product e.g. direct sunlight.

Tools and Accessories

  • Which tools do you use daily/often? Are they in good condition? If not it might be time for a refresh.
  • Are all of your accessories still relevant? If you are no longer offering a service, make room and declutter some old tools.
  • Are you client accessories looking their best? Presentation is key! Consider investing in protective accessories such as a bed cover.

Deep Cleaning

  • Now it's time for a sanitisation session! We know you'll be on top of this day to day, but this is your chance to get into every nook and cranny.
  • Check that your entire salon is up to industry standards to avoid any issues and have peace of mind for your clients safety.
  • After sanitisation, you can move onto cleaning towels, hoovering and mopping!

Time to organise

  • Organise and sort your products, is everything easy to reach and find?
  • Ensure your retail space is appealing and easy to shop from with plenty of stock!
  • Organise your time, how is your booking system working for you? Are your appointment/opening times optimal for you and your business?

Now its your turn!

Are you Spring Clean ready?

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