19th Jan 2023

New skincare trends are continuously changing, and what you can find to be the newest trend for 2023 is the term “Skin Flooding”. As the name suggests, flooding involves applying different layers of hydration to damp skin, to maximize products’ effects and as a result, enhance skin hydration.

Nimue Skin Technology’s products can be layered to enhance results for clients, no matter what classification. Their active ingredients also work to improve efficacy of product absorption. Think of the skin as a dry sponge, try wetting the skin first with a barrier repair product that traps water, such as Nimue Pre & Post or Hyaluronic Acid Serum. A wet sponge (aka prepped skin) will be much more efficient at absorbing the next thing that goes on such as Nimue Multi Rejuvenating Booster or Night Fader.

                                  NIMUE Night Fader    Nimue Multi rejuvenating booster    NIMUE Pre & Post   NIMUE Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Layering skin products, or skin flooding, enhances client results and improves product absorption over a period of time. Arguably, wet skin does help with product absorption to an extent, but it's more important which product goes on next. One essential element to this skin trend is using products that effectively penetrate the skin. Products that have advanced delivery systems such as arginine (Amphoteric AHAs), as opposed to just sitting on top of the previous product, will create better results. Also, skincare products created with the correct size of molecular structure allow absorption into living epidermal layers, not just plumping dead cells in the corneum.

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