Posted by Chloe Smith on 28th Jan 2021

Business Boost 1. Decisive Action Plans

We are delighted to welcome back Liza Smith, Educator, Salon Owner and Business Coach with a new focus on how to "Boost your Business". We can all agree that times have been extremely challenging for all within our industry. Over the next four weeks, Liza will be advising on the next steps on how to take your business from “Surviving to Thriving” with a series of video tutorials, covering valuable points and topics with a downloadable document to support your learnings.

During this pandemic Liza has selflessly supported others within the hair and beauty industry with her time, guidance and advice.

Download the Surviving to Thriving guide here

Liza’s Bio

Liza shares how she started in the industry, how she has built her business and her encouragement for the future:

"I know what it is like to build a business from scratch, I was a passionate, but naive 21-year-old, straight out of college, when I opened my salon over 30 years ago!I have had an amazing career travelling the world, looking after the hands and feet of the famous, travelling on private jets and yachts, competing and winning international nail competitions, and educating many nail and beauty professionals.I have retired from competition and session work, and now judge for both Scratch Stars and Professional Beauty.A lot of my time is currently spent growing my salon business which has 8 employees."