4th Feb 2021

Surviving to Thriving with Liza Smith

Liza Smith, Salon Owner

Last week, Salon Owner, Liza Smith talked about how to be prepared for our best and worst-case scenarios and the importance of pin-pointing your action plan to get a focus on your business, brand and ideal client avatar.

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Watch Business Boost 1. Decisive Action Plans here.

Download Liza's Surviving to Thriving workbook here.

Business Boost 2. Mindset & Marketing Pillars

This week, Liza explores getting in the right mindset to help you work and plan more efficiently. She also shares the free, marketing pillars that you can use right now, that will shoot your business to the finish line.

To be in control, you need a plan

Your brain is not effective until you direct it. You have to tell it what you want to hear. Overloading your mind can lead to procrastination and distract you from the important things. Create a plan and get on track.

Reasons to be cheerful 

List the reasons you have to be cheerful, the power of writing things down is really crucial at this stage, especially during these challenging times. This can build a positive mindset that can help drive you forward.

Control the Controllables

Now is the time for action. The person you were in 2020, is not the person you need to be in 2021. You need to get a focused plan together so that you are ready, at the starting line, when the gun goes off!

To grow the business, you need to grow as a business owner, one step at a time.

To be in control you need 2 plans:

  1. The big picture – a long term vision from where you are now, to where you want to be.
  2. The next 60-90 days – There are 60 x 45-minute slots in a Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm week. How you use your time in the next 60-90 days, will determine where your business is in 12 months. Take control of your time.

Stay accountable by choosing one, big project per 30 days, then choosing three small tasks to do each day. This will help you to meet your short and long-term goals.

Marketing Pillars

Do not become invisible to your clients, keeping connected with your clients is key.Particularly during this time, when you can’t physically be connected.

Email – it can be weekly or fortnightly, but it needs to be consistent. Ask your client base for their up-to-date email and phone number.

WhatsApp – Create a WhatsApp client focus group that includes your best clients. Their opinions matter, and this can provide you with some precise, clear answers.

Google My Business App – This app allows you to keep your Google, business profile up to datewith the ability to add your contact details, opening hours, reviews, photos and much more. Google rewards you with more traffic if you keep it up-to-date.

Videos – Create three, core videos for your website and socials. People love to watch videos. Video traffic is now over 75% of all consumer traffic on the internet.

These videos could be:

  • About you - A 2–3-minute video, showing your brand and business offering (this is your mission and vision statements.)
  • Problem solvers – choose the most common problem you solve, talk about the problem and how you help to resolve it.
  • Trust builders – educational information on each service you provide. Share your knowledge.

Make sure you download the “Surviving to Thriving” workbook to help get your business back on track and get a focused, action plan in order.

Download Liza's Surviving to Thriving workbook here.

Watch Business Boost 2. Mindset & Marketing Pillars here.

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