Posted by Rachel Horrocks on 12th Aug 2020

The internet is fast evolving as we know but power really has shifted to the people when we consider how our product, services or even brand is perceived. Online reviews not only influence customer buyer behaviour but also impact on a brand’s credibility. Here’s some of our top reasons why reviews are so important to your beauty business:

The Profit Potential

90% of people check out reviews before committing to a product or service. When you offer a largely available service, like a gel polish manicure, there may be a few things that customers will consider when they decide which salon to go with: the quality of the service, the price, the environment…but the deciding factor that will always trump is recommendation.

The Free Marketing Opportunity

Positive online reviews behave as testimonials for your services and brand. These micro-marketing posts relay a positive impression for other prospective customers and also help to build your brand awareness.

The Value of a Response

The best way to deal with a negative review is to acknowledge, listen and respond. This not only gives you the opportunity to contextualise the comment but also to show, publicly, that you value them and their custom.

The Benefit to your Website

Search engines like Google establish a website’s credibility a couple of ways, one of which looks at your company reviews. It’s called the “Knowledge Graph” and Google uses it to decide which sites should feature highly in a Google search.

Now you’re aware of how beneficial reviews can be for your beauty business, we strongly encourage you to ask for reviews after you’ve completed your service. Most customers will be more than happy to leave a quick review if they’re happy with their experience. The more transparent and open to feedback your business is, the more you will be able to improve and see your brand flourish in the market.

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