10th Nov 2021

We’ve collaborated with @nailsbymets to show you 3 weeks in the life of CND Shellac Wear Extender Base Coat. Watch as Metta shows us how she juggles nails with family life and why she needs a base coat with longevity!

“Wear Extender is a lot more durable on my nails, giving me 3+ weeks wear! As I’m constantly washing my hands, using sanitiser and of course doing other peoples nails, I’ve definitely found a base coat that lasts!" - Metta Francis

We asked Metta how she maintained her Shellac on a daily basis to get the most from her manicure - 
"I've always been very good with looking after my hands and nails and I use gloves when cleaning, doing clients' nails, or any type of activity where my hands will come into contact with chemicals or products that may affect my Shellac. I even wear gloves when cooking and marinating food as I don't like to get spices or food under my nails and turmeric stained nails are never a good look! I use a spoon to open any cans and a penknife to open packages ~ generally I am very mindful of my nails! I'm pretty religious with cuticle oil application and I have Solar Oil with me at all times - I have bottles dotted around the house, a pen in the car and mini bottle in my handbag so I'm constantly oiling! I make it a bit of a ritual in the evening and throughout the day oil on the go, especially if i notice the skin is looking a bit dry." - Metta Francis

Find out how Metta created the swirly & dotty nail art look

Swirly design:

Dotty design:

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