7th Jul 2021

A step-by-step guide to achieve tie-dye tips!                                                 

1. On a sculpted base use the Lexy Line Ideal Pink Builder Gel and the Oval Bling Brush to create a reverse smile line. Cure in the LEDdot lamp for 60 seconds. Use the Smile Line Brush to apply a thin layer of Night Terror Teal Color Gel on the free edge, up to the reverse smile line. Cure for 30 secs in the LEDdot.

                                                 Step 1                       

2. Apply a second layer of Night Terror Teal, do not cure this layer. Use the Stripy Brush with Under The Shade Tree Color Gel to apply random curvy lines in the uncured Night Terror Teal. Add some Blue Skies Ahead to some areas of Under The Shade Tree.

                                                Step 2                   

3. Wipe the Stripy Brush clean (use paper towel or nail wipe, not cleanser) and pull the brush through the colours in one direction a few times across the free edge, leaving space between each stroke of the brush. Use the brush in the opposite direction to pull through the colours in between the original brush strokes to create the tie-dye effect. Cure for 30 seconds in the LEDdot.

                                                Step 3    

4. Using the Oval Bling Brush, apply a thin slip layer of the Lexy Line Extreme Clear Gel over the whole nail. Without curing add a dollop of gel to the nail at the apex and allow to self-level. This layer will encase the design and build strength in the apex. Cure for 60 seconds in the LEDdot.

                                                Step 4                

5. Cleanse the nails with the LEPro Cleanser and Cleansing WipeFinish file the nails to an almond shape using the Lexy File 100/180. Cleanse the nails again.

                                                  Step 5                         

6. Finish the nails with a layer of Super Shiny Top Coat, to keep the nails glossy until the next appointment. Cure for 30 seconds in the LEDdot lamp. Allow to cool down for 15-20 seconds once the nails come out the lamp before cleansing with LEPro Cleanser and Cleansing Wipe to remove the sticky inhibition layer. Apply LEPro Cuticle Oil and Q&Lu Bamboo Lotion to nourish and hydrate.

                                                 Step 6

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