2nd Oct 2023

Get ready to fall in love with your hair all over again this autumn! This season is all about dreamy colours, chic cuts, and embracing natural textures. Whether you're a fan of bold hues or prefer softer shades, autumn's palette promises something for everyone. From rich coppers to stunning blondes, we're seeing a shift to warmer tones that perfectly complement the season. And when it comes to cuts, it's all about layers, texture, and movement! So whether you're seeking a full transformation or just a little seasonal update, lets have a look at this years leading autumn trends.

Natural Curls

Autumn is the perfect time to start embracing your natural hair! As the colder season starts to roll in, this is the best time to start nourishing and conditioning your locks. We've noticed a significant trend on social media, with many embracing and showcasing their natural waves and curls, demonstrating step-by-steps on how to craft these looks. We recently launched our KEVIN.MURPHY KILLER.CURLS range, created for our curly-haired individuals who need extra hydration and volume. This fantastic range helps define curls, hydrate strands, and adds luscious bounce to your hair. So, if you're looking to transition to natural hair this season, now is the perfect time to try our KILLER.CURLS range.

Credit: @eujoicesilva using the KEVIN.MURPHY KILLER.CURLS WASHRINSE and KILLER.TWIRLS on her stunning natural curls.

Cowgirl Copper

The hair industry has been taken by storm with the Cowgirl Copper trend! It's a delightful evolution of the bright coppers we admired in the warmer spring/summer months but has now matured into a perfect blend of warm brown and radiant copper shades. This earthy auburn tone is lighting up social media feeds and turning heads on the street - a hair colour you should definitely consider for a fresh autumn look! If you decide to opt for Cowgirl Copper at your next hair appointment, we recommend using our KEVIN.MURPHY EVERLASTING.COLOUR range. This line-up is designed to protect your hair and keep your vibrant colour looking fresh and lustrous. Embrace the warmth of autumn with this statement hue!

Credit: @isobelwhitehair using KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME to create this gorgeous copper.


The bronde look is gaining momentum and it's easy to see why! This trend perfectly marries the richness of brunette with the vibrancy of blonde, offering a perfect balance that suits just about every skin tone. The bronde style is especially fitting as we transition from summer to autumn, reflecting the blend of seasons in your hair. It starts with a deeper, darker base which mirrors the earthy hues of autumn. This is artfully contrasted with a subtle blonde balayage that acts as a sun-kissed reminder of the summer gone by. This look is perfect for those wanting to maintain a bright and radiant appearance while welcoming the deeper hues of the upcoming season. If you’re looking to transition your hair into autumn without losing the brightness of summer, then the bronde look is your go-to style.

Credit: @mollieventohair using KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME to create this beautiful bronde balayage.

90s Layers

Take a step back into the nostalgic 90s with a layered, bouncy blow out! This style has been circulating for a while now, and it's no mystery why. This haircut consists of a stunning set of layers throughout the hair, encapsulating the iconic '90s look we all adore. The layers should be sweeping and face-framing, infusing the hair with movement and volume. To achieve this look, style your hair using a volume spray such as our KEVIN.MURPHY EVER.BOUNCE or ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY for that added lift and bounce. Think Jennifer Aniston in her iconic role as Rachel Green on "Friends”, or the legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford! Embrace this throwback trend for a look that's not only fun and flirty but also full of life and energy - perfectly in tune with the spirit of autumn.

Credit: Stylist Chloe from @michaelfranks_salon


Bangs are making a big comeback this autumn! From fuller fringes that frame your face to wispy curtain bangs that softly fall around your features, there's a range of styles to choose from. Taking the plunge to add bangs can be a significant change, but trust us – it's absolutely worth it! The addition of a fringe can instantly revamp your overall look, offering a fresh and exciting update without altering the length of your hair. The world of bangs is delightfully diverse, catering to every face shape, hair type, and personal whim. You might fall for the textured charm of feathered bangs, the boldness of straight blunt bangs, or the edginess of baby bangs. Whatever your preference, the autumn season is the perfect time to try this classic hair trend and make it your own!

Credit: @sophiebleehair using COLOR.ME and KEVIN.MURPHY range to style these bold copper bangs.

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