28th Sep 2023

Here at Sweet Squared, we are passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest nail trends! As the colder nights approach and the scent of pumpkin spice fills the air, we have eagerly explored the upcoming popular trends for this autumn…

Chocolate Chrome

As we're all aware, the classic Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails have created quite a stir over the past 18 months, and it seems we're determined to keep the trend alive throughout the autumn months! Social media outlets like Tik Tok and Instagram are flooded with the rising trend of chocolate chrome. This enticing style involves applying classic chocolate brown shades, followed by a dusting of shimmering chrome powder, resulting in a simultaneously irresistible and elegant manicure. This trend combines the warmth and depth of autumnal colours with a touch of glitz, making it perfect for the upcoming season. The perfect blend of cosy and chic, chocolate chrome nails are the ultimate statement piece for autumn nails.


Credit: @nailsbynatashapaige                                                 Credit: @la_beautique

How do I achieve this look?

Step 1 -

Start with your CND™ PEP to transform your natural nails into the perfect canvas!

Step 2 - 

Apply one coat of your preferred Shellac™ Base Coat and cure on button 1 of your CND™ LED lamp.

Step 3 - 

Follow with two coats of your favourite brown shade, curing with button 2S. Our popular CND™ shades are:

  • Leather Goods - Deep espresso adds warmth and cozy sophistication to your nails
  • Arrowhead - A moody, earthy mauve that compliments any and every skin tone!
  • Toffee Talk - A warm, sweet desirable brown

Step 4 - 

To achieve the captivating chrome finish, our Shellac™ No Wipe Top Coat is a vital product as this will leave a non-sticky layer which is the perfect base for chrome! Apply one coat and cure on button 3. Once cured, with a dry sponge, apply the chrome of your choice over the top. A silver, gold or copper chrome would make your nails pop!

Some options are:

Make sure to rub the powder into the nail, don’t forget the side walls! 

Step 5 - 

Once you are happy with the chrome application, you can apply the Shellac™ Top Coat which is best suited to your client!

The result? A dreamy chocolate chrome, perfect for complimenting any A/W outfit.

Latte Nails

Sticking with the brown-toned theme, Latte nails have truly made their mark in the nail industry, and it seems they're here to stay! This trend seamlessly incorporates your classic seasonal favourites. Picture rich, warm shades of toffee and caramel browns—doesn't that just scream autumn? This creates the perfect neutral manicure that everyone is yearning for this season. It's an effortlessly stylish way to celebrate the cosiness of autumn, right at your fingertips! So why not embrace the Latte nail trend and enjoy a little taste of autumn every time you glance at your hands?

Our seasonal favourites:

Leather Goods- Deep espresso adds warmth and cozy sophistication to your nails.

Credit: @studiobyhannahbeth

Cuppa Joe – A delicious chocolate brown with a shimmer finish.

Credit: @monmayernails

Toffee Talk - A warm, sweet desirable brown.

Credit: @studiobyhannahbeth

Boheme - A soft chocolate nude, with warm beige undertones.

Credit: @la_beautique

Coloured French

Who doesn’t love a French tip? And we adore it even more when it's showcased in the warm, rich shades of autumn rather than the classic white. This season, it's time to revamp your style and embrace this enduring nail trend! Why not swap out the traditional whites for the deep hues of burnt orange and burgundy, or experiment with a sleek matte finish across the nail, highlighted by glossy tips? Whatever your style, we're certain that trying out this trend won't disappoint you. French tips have been dominating the trend charts for some time now, and it seems they're not going anywhere anytime soon. Remember, nails are the ultimate accessory, and this Autumn season is all about expressing your unique style! Don't be afraid to experiment and, most importantly, have fun with it.

Check out the creative work of some of our talented CND™ nail technicians who have used our long-lasting Shellac shades to craft the perfect autumnal French tip nail…

@polishedbygem using CND™ Plexigel and Shellac™ Cherry Apple.

@hazelgannon.nails using Shellac™ Beau and Shellac™ B-day Candle.

@karenmackmannails using CND™ Plexigel and Shellac™ Clay Canyon

@polishedbygem using Shellac™ Satin Slippers and Shellac™ Fedora

Tortoise Shell

Tortoise shell nails are making a comeback in the nail world, and they are better than ever! This classic trend, known for its rich blend of brown tones, is a perfect match for the warm hues of autumn. The beauty of tortoise shell nails lies in their unique, layered design, incorporating dark browns and blacks with sheer layers of orange and yellow. To help blend your chosen colours better, you can dilute them using 99% IPA until you've reached your desired effect! The result is a chic, customisable nail design that is guaranteed to make heads turn. This trend is all about celebrating the earthy tones of Autumn. So, are you ready to embrace the tortoise shell trend this season?

Credit: @amyh.manicurist using colour Arrowhead. Tortoise shell design using LimoncelloBrick KnitBlack Pool.

Velvet Nails

The Velvet or Cat Eye nail trend has been making waves throughout the year, and now that autumn is on the horizon, it's the perfect moment to embrace the darker shades. This trend offers a soft illusion on the nail, using a mix of dark shades and brighter colours, making it an ideal choice when transitioning into the deeper hues of fall. If you're looking to introduce this style to your clients, or even just give it a whirl yourself, we've got some fantastic resources to help you get started. Our very own CND™ educator, Fee Wallace, has created a similar effect using the CND™ Over The Top effects powders. Keep reading to find out how she achieved this captivating look…

'I really love this soft illusion ombré created with CND™ Shellac and CND™ Over the Top Effects. We started with the  Shellac colour Skipping Stones from the IN FALL BLOOM Collection, and applied the Over The Top Effects ‘Lightning Bolt’ and ‘Off the Chain’. These powders are great for chroming and glazing over CND Shellac™ NO WIPE+ Top Coat, but here we applied them directly to the top film of the cured Shellac colour layer with a soft dry brush.' - Fee Wallace @fee_wallace

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