11th Apr 2023

Introducing the newest additions to the KEVIN.MURPHY BLOW.DRY range – BLOW.DRY WASH and BLOW.DRY RINSE, designed to protect styled hair with 87% less breakage*, frizz control and 24-hour humidity protection, we want to elevate hair’s quality, in turn elevate your style. 

*When used as a three-step regimen with EVER.SMOOTH when compared to a non-conditioning shampoo.

“All of our iconic BLOW.DRY products were created to give you the hair that you wanted regardless of the hair that you have. Next, I needed to address concerns about hair damage due to heat without losing the ever-important styling benefits. I knew that we needed to look at advances in skincare to enhance the product benefit of our EVER’s and find highly efficient ingredients to partner with the range. These ingredients help to address the specific challenges or requirements of all hair textures, types, and qualities” – Kevin Murphy


Hair is arguably one of the most utilised tools of fashion. It is an instrumental tool for individuality and a way to identify one as a part of a collective. As the world emerges from a post-pandemic life, the very act of blowing out one’s hair and returning to glamour brings a sense of optimism and expression. Usage of hairstyling tools is widespread, with 65% of adults using at least one hairstyling device, and 51% specifically using a hair dryer*. With our new BLOW.DRY WASH and RINSE, along with our beloved line of EVERs, this return to your true self has never been easier and healthier. 

* Source: Kantar Profiles/Mintel, April 2021


There is a consumer return to not only style, but also to efficacy. They are looking to products that not only achieve the desired look, but also maximizes benefits (Mintel, 2022). 

Our new BLOW.DRY WASH and RINSE feature star ingredients that perform on so many levels:

The vegan-derived CREATINE used in this line is a powerhouse of amino acids that are almost identical to those found naturally in the skin and hair. Not only does it improve the properties of stressed hair and protect against heat damage, but it also creates strength and resilience from within the hair shaft. 

The BLUE CYPRESS used in our Wood Bark Complex, is key in conditioning and protecting hair. This ingredient has a powerful phenolic antioxidant that actually behaves like an AHA. Blue Cypress is often used in skincare formulations that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This ingredient also serves a perfect segue to our last brand position… Our Anti-Breakage Technology works together to nourish and protect hair with added protective benefits against heat damage*

*When used as a system.


BLUE CYPRESS really encompasses the true origins of KEVIN.MURPHY. Originating from Australia, with 100% traceability to the source and empowerment of growers and indigenous communities. This ingredient is sustainably farmed and/or harvested leading to empowerment of growers and communities. Sourced by the Aboriginal community, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every extract are donated to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital to protect the wildlife that roam the farms.


A nourishing and repairing shampoo – KEVIN.MURPHY BLOW.DRY WASH contains Hydrolysed Pea Protein and Wood Bark Complex that work together to help strengthen and protect hair against breakage with added protection against heat damage*. A sulphate-free wash that hydrates while repairing and nourishing. 

*When used as a system 

Available in 40ml, 250ml and 1000ml. Shop now



A nourishing and repairing conditioner - Our Anti-Breakage Technology works together to nourish and protect hair with added protective benefits against heat damage*and guards against colour loss and environmental stressors. 

*When used as a system

Available in 40ml, 250ml and 1000ml. Shop now.


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