CND™ at London Fashion Week 2023

21st Sep 2023

Welcome to the glamorous world of CND™ at London Fashion Week 2023, where innovative nail art takes center stage alongside breathtaking fashion creations. As the renowned beauty brand known for pushing boundaries and setting trends, CND™ has once again captivated fashion enthusiasts with their nail designs. From bold lace statements to delicate feathers, read on as we delve into the transformative power of CND™ nail art on the biggest fashion stage in the capital city.

Nails by Sylvie Macmillan using CND™ at 16Arlington

LFW 16Arlington 2023

16Arlington know how to bring the drama when it comes to a fashion show, and today’s SS24 show featured beautifully intricate and dramatic nails by Sylvie Macmillan using CND™.

“Feathers are synonymous with 16Arlington, and this season nails got the feather treatment too. An iconic signature of the brand, the nails featured individual ostrich feathers encapsulated in clear CND™ Plexigel™. This mirrored the collection, with skirts and jackets featuring encapsulated feathers trapped in latex and silks. The hair and make-up were kept natural and simple this season, with the nails being the beauty feature”. – Sylvie Macmillan (@sylviemacmillan.nails)

Get the look:

  1. Apply a layer of CND™ Plexigel™ Bonder to a clear press on nail, and cure in the CND™ LED Lamp using preset button 1.
  2. Apply the ostrich feather to the tacky inhibition layer in the desired position.
  3. Encapsulate with CND™ Plexigel™ Shaper in Clear and cure in the CND™ LED Lamp using preset button 2B.
  4. File down any unwanted length, and file nail into desired shape.
  5. Apply a layer of CND™ Plexigel™ Protector Top Coat and cure in the CND™ LED Lamp using preset button 3.
  6. Apply the press on nail to the clean, natural nail using nail glue. Apply a drop of CND™ SolarOil™ to condition the natural nail and cuticles.



CND™ Plexigel™ Bonder

CND™ Plexigel™ Shaper

CND™ Plexigel™ Protector Top Coat

CND™ Full Tips (Can be used as press on nails) 

CND™ SolarOil™

Nails by Ella Vivii using CND™ at Sinead Gorey LFW Show

LFW Nails by Ella Vivii 2023

Sinead Gorey’s LFW was an explosion of colour, textures and bold prints. The nails, by Ella Vivii using CND™ mirrored this with beautiful lace prints cuffed with ombre brights and decorated with miniature haberdashery bows.

“The nails reflect the key concepts of the show; lots of bright shades, lots of lace and bows, whilst keeping the nails really sleek and refined. All of the nails feature a lace base, so they are uniformed and have a strong story. I trained with CND™ and love working with their products, it is such a reputable brand”. (@ellavivii)

Get the look:

  1. Start with a clear press on nail, natural nail, or nail created with the full clear CND™ Plexigel™ system.
  2. Select a :YOURS lace nail plate of your choice, and apply :YOURS stamping polish in 'White Light' to the plate, scraping off the excess.
  3. Use the stamper to transfer the design to the nail and let dry for 15-30 seconds.
  4. Use a bright shade of your choice, such as CND™ Pink Bikini and a sponge to dab an ombre effect to the cuff of the nail.
  5. Finish with your preferred CND™ Top Coat and a drop of CND™ SolarOil™.



CND™ Full Tips (Can be used as press on nails)

CND™ Plexigel™ system. 

:YOURS Lace Plates

:YOURS White Light Stamping Polish

:YOURS Scrape Card

:YOURS Halo Stamper

CND™ Shellac™ Pink Bikini 

CND™ Top Coats

CND™ SolarOil™

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