19th Oct 2023

Festive season isn't far away! Now is the time to get prepared. As the Christmas season approaches, everyone is keen to look their best for family gatherings, work parties, and other social events. As a nail salon owner, you can take advantage of this opportunity to increase your sales and grow your business!

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of retailing to your clients over Christmas and some top tips for making sales.

When you retail products to clients, you create an additional source of revenue for your business. With the festive season in full swing, clients are more likely to purchase nail polish, lotions, and other treatments to give as gifts to their friends and family. By stocking these items in your salon, you can increase your sales and revenue. In addition, you can also offer special promotions and discounts to encourage your clients to make more purchases.

By retailing CND™ products, you will create a reputation for your salon as a high-end, quality and most importantly, a salon where natural nail health is paramount. The CND™ brand is known for its superior quality products, so when you retail these products, you are effectively putting your stamp of approval on them. This will enhance your reputation as a professional that delivers exceptional services to clients and shows that you care about the products that you use and retail.

When clients come into your salon to purchase products, they may discover your other services and book appointments for nail care services that they were unaware of before. This will expose your salon to new clients and increase its marketability.


  • Make sure your retail options are on view by your till or workstation, so the customer is prompted to ask you about them.
  • Advertise on social media and even encourage pre-orders! You can set them aside for when that client is coming in and create demand if they’re selling fast.
  • Have your retail options gift wrapped or in branded packaging, making it as appealing and easy for your client to gift as possible.
  • If you can make the time, consider offering a free door stop delivery to clients in your local area.
  • Sell vouchers as an add-on. Encourage your existing clients to gift these to their friends and family. Not only will this bring you another sale but come January you may have another potential client.

We’ve created two NEW and exclusive CND™ gifts that will make selling in the salon a little easier for you.

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Ultimately retailing to your clients during winter and the festive season can be an excellent opportunity to build your brand awareness and raise profits. Adding this to your salon will help generate more income, provide more value to your customers and create a positive impression that can lead to a fruitful new year. So, go ahead, get creative and take advantage of all the season has to offer!

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