8th Aug 2022

Introducing the newest collection from CND™ set against a modern and enchanting palette: In Fall Bloom. Elevate manicures and pedicures this autumn season using vibrant hues to bring energy, optimism and romance to your nails.

Available in both CND™ SHELLAC™ Brand Gel Polish and CND™ VINYLUX™ Long Wear Polish, this earthly yet vivacious collection will be the perfect complement to any transitional season look. 

The Autumn arrangement includes:

“Inspired by the punchiness of the orchid flower, this nature-inspired collection was carefully curated to invite a romantic boldness to the season,” said CND™ Co-Founder, Jan Arnold. “Embrace the autumn air with these warm, cozy and charming shades!”



  • CND™ SHELLAC Base Coat
  • CND™ SHELLAC Gel Polish Colors:
  • Silk Slip Dress
  • Orchid Canopy
  • Absolutely Radishing
  • Willow Talk
  • CND™ SHELLAC No-Wipe+ Top Coat
  • CND™ LED Lamp 

    • Ombre Brush 
    • Detail Brush
    • Small Stylus   


    1. P.E.P. the natural nail. (Click here for complete CND™ SHELLAC™ Application & Removal Step- by-Steps).
    2. Apply a thin layer of SHELLAC™ Base Coat. Cure for 10 seconds in the CND™ LED Lamp using preset button.
    3. Apply two layers of SHELLAC™ Silk Slip dress, curing each layer on preset button 2S.
    4. Apply SHELLAC™ Orchid Canopy to the top third of the nail. Using an ombre brush, create a gradient effect. Cure using preset button 2S.
    5. Apply a second layer of Orchid Canopy to the top third of the nail if needed and blend to further define gradient. Cure using preset button 2S.        
    6. Use a detail brush and SHELLAC™ Absolutely Radishing to create flowers. Cure using preset button 2S.
    7. Use a small stylus and SHELLAC™ Willow Talk to create flower centers and a few randomly placed dots. Cure using preset button 2S.
    8. Apply a layer of SHELLAC™ No-Wipe+ Top Coat. Cure using preset button 3.        


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