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28th Sep 2020

P.R.E.P. is a systematic method of ensuring any CND™ enhancement product, including PLEXIGEL products adhere to the natural nail plate without lifting. It’s essential that proper P.R.E.P or P.E.P is performed before any CND™ product application, to ensure longevity of wear, prevent lifting and chipping and protect the client’s natural nail. So, what does P.R.E.P stand for?

P – Perform a manicure

R – Remove the shine

E-   Eliminate Surface Contaminants

P – Purify Nail Plate Layers

Click below to watch CND™ P.R.E.P guidance

Key products required in your P.R.E.P system include 

CND™ CoolBlue

CND™ Offly Fast

CND™ CuticleAway


CND™ Files and Buffers

CND™ NailFresh

CND™ NailPrime**