CND™ PLEXIGEL Tips & Tricks

29th Apr 2024

CND Plexigel Builder Gel

When using any of the CND™ PLEXIGEL products, make sure you do not shake the bottle as this can create bubbles. Shaper and Builder can be used straight from the bottle. Bonder and the Protector Top Coat bottles, require a gentle roll between your hands.

“One if the best things about CND™ PLEXIGEL is that you don’t need many tricks, for the finished result to look and last perfectly. Brush control during application is always the greatest 'trick' to have in your arsenal.”


CND builder gel nails

“After applying an uncured thin slip layer, apply your bead in the shape of a V. Then use a liner brush to even out the side walls. This keeps the product centered and in the stress area and avoids creating too much thickness at the sides. Also, minimal filing too!”


If your client has weak nails, a high C curve or experiences heat spikes, then use the custom cure technique recommended by using button 1 of the CND ™ lamp. Place the nail in for 2-3 flashes to slow the chemical reaction which can cause the heat spike or exothermic reaction, making it more comfortable for the client. This custom cure setting is recommended when using CND™ PLEXIGEL.

CND bottled builder gel

You should always encourage your clients to keep up with their home-care. It makes your job much easier. For example, if your client is regularly using CND™ SolarOil, what that does, is keep the product really pliable. If your client bangs her nail, it will flex with coating, helping to reduce any lifting. You will also have less cuticle work to do, making it a much easier service.

What’s one of the biggest benefits of adding PLEXIGEL to your services? PROFIT! You can make an extra £13.86* when adding PLEXIGEL as a service! 

*This is based on charging an additional £15 for adding PLEXIGEL Builder to a CND™ Shellac™ service.

CND bottled builder gel profits

How to soak off enhancements in under 10 minutes:
“The trick is to debulk & remove the old product with an e-file as much as possible, leaving only a thin layer of PLEXIGEL on nails which then will soak off super quickly in just 5-10 minutes!”


When performing a rebalance, remember Bonder is only applied to the natural nail – anywhere that you can see the natural nail, then apply. If there is any lifting, this should be removed first.

CND's builder in a bottle plexigel

“On the last coat of PLEXIGEL, whether it be enhancement or overlay, I always float a layer down the center of the nail from cuticle to free edge and just let it kind of melt in. It always seems to create the perfect Apex with minimal effort!”

Narelle Wharton 

You simply cannot apply CND™ PLEXIGEL without Bonder. Without it, the product will lift.

"When applying color Builder and you feel you need more even coverage after finish filing, then use a detailer brush to apply color Builder where needed, cure it and then top with CND™ PLEXIGEL Protector Top Coat." 

"Apply a thin layer of PLEXIGEL shaper under PLEXIGEL Builder to control the risk of an exothermic reaction, due to its thinner viscosity curing occurs in a cooler manner therefore limiting the chances of a "heat spike". This technique is also great for those clients who experience lifting as a thin layer of shaper under builder will provide optimal adhesion."


Got your own PLEXIGEL trick? Show us! Sweet Squared Nails (@sweetsquared.nails) • Instagram photos and videos

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