20th Apr 2023

At KEVIN.MURPHY we care about the environment and make every effort to lessen our impact. Our passion for protecting the environment goes beyond just our products and packaging. 

Reforest'action supports the natural regeneration of the foundation-managed STANSTED forest. Planting trees is one of the ways we can make sustainable change and support biodiversity for the future.

But, how do trees help take care of our planet?


As trees grow they absorb CO2, a major greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. When communities plant trees they help reduce the impact of climate change, not just in their local area, but around the world.

Forests are our largest land-based carbon sinks and are impressive carbon pumps. As trees absorb carbon dioxide to fuel their growth, they transform it and release oxygen, thus storing the CO2 and purifying the air. Forests and trees absorb the equivalent of 2 billion metric tonnes of CO2 every year. 


Biodiversity is the very basis of our life on Earth. Forest ecosystems harbour 80% of land-based biodiversity, from plants and animals small and large to fungi and bacteria, which all depend on one another for life. 


The forest plays a vital role in the water cycle. Among other things, it helps cool the air and contributes to rain cloud formation, while purifying the water and retaining it in the soil. In the forest, almost 80% of annual rainfall is returned to the atmosphere in the form of water vapour.

Find out more about our partnership here.

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