Posted by Fee Wallace on 8th Mar 2022

My very favourite range from Light Elegance has to be the ButterCream line. I use LE ButterCreams as a colour coat for all my favourite enhancement systems, as an alternative to gel polish. Whether it's hard gel, Liquid & Powder, or Builder Gel from a bottle, ButterCreams are a great way to create a thin, even layer of colour after file finishing. I love it because it's not time consuming to apply, and doesn't add bulk to the finished nail enhancement.

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to share my thoughts and feeling on the new LE ButterCream FARMERS MARKET Collection.

In this video we'll take a look at:

- Each of the 6 colours and how they apply

- Rules for gel brush care and getting the most from your gel brush

- Hints and tips for working with LE ButterCreams

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Love & Respect, Fee x

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