16th Feb 2021

Fridays with Fee S2: E4 Neon Nail Art

Fee Wallace

In this episode, Fee Wallace walks us through her favourite techniques and products, to create vibrant and dramatic neon nail art, using gel polish and pigment powders.

Watch how Fee creates these bright and beautiful looks, in her live demonstration here.

Here, we break down Fee’s favourite neon, nail art products and her top tips for creating these eye-catching looks.

Neon smoke nail art by Fee Wallace

Neon Smoke

For the base colour, Fee uses CND™ Shellac Black Pool. We recommend using black as your base colour to make the neon colours really pop!

To create the smoke effect, apply a small amount of CND™ Shellac Crème Puff (CND™ Shellac Lady Lily is great colour alternative!) to the nail, leaving areas of the black exposed. Using a nail art brush, apply a small amount of Isopropyl Alcohol, you can use D.Sperse for this, to disperse the white colour across the nail, creating the smoke effect. The more you add, the more the product will be thinned out and the colour will become more translucent.

Neon smoke nail art application Neon smoke nail art application

Once cured, you can then move on to adding the colour. Using a brush, apply two or three, different colours of Lecenté pigment powders to create the gradient tone. Here are the neon colours Fee used in the demonstration:

Lecenté Neon Nail Shadow - GraffitiLecenté Neon Nail Shadow - Day GloLecenté Neon Nail Shadow - Snake Bite

Lecenté Neon Nail Shadow - Hi VizLecenté Neon Nail Shadow - Hip Hop

Lecenté Powders in shades Grafiti, Day Glo, Snake Bite, Hi Viz & Hip Hop

TOP TIP – You only need a small amount of powder. Avoid mess (and the risk of knocking over the pot!) by emptying a small amount into the lid of the pot and use that to dip your brush into.

The application of the top coat is where the look really comes to life and your clients will experience the WOW factor. The glossy finish makes the neon colour extra bold and adds to the mystical, smokey effect. We use CND™ Shellac Xpress Top Coat to complete the look.

Neon lizard nail art by Fee Wallace

Neon Lizard

For this look, Fee demonstrates how you can create the same look but with two different effects.The first option having a textured and 3-dimensional effect and the second, a smooth and glossy finish.

These looks both use a base colour of CND™ Shellac Lady Lily and for the lizard design, Fee uses the :Yours Loves CND Stamp Plate and the :Yours Stamping Polish in shade, Black Out. This is then finished with a layer of CND™ Shellac Matte Top Coat.

CND Shellac Lady Lily:Yours Loves CND Stamp Plate AW17

:Yours Stamping Polish Black OutCND Shellac Matte Top Coat

Textured Finish - Once your, base of CND™ Shellac Lady Lily has been applied and cured, next, apply CND™ Shellac Matte Top Coat, topped with your choice of pigment powder. Select 2 or 3, complimenting colours to create an ombré effect. To create the texture, with a dotting tool, fill in the shapes using CND™ Shellac Xpress Top Coat. Once cured, the remaining powder can be wiped away leaving the white background intact. The shapes that have been filled with the top coat, will retain the vibrant, neon colours and create the 3-dimensional texture.

Neon lizard nail art application

Smooth Finish – With this option, once you have applied your stamped design, fill in the shapes using a dotting tool, but this time with CND™ Shellac Lady Lily. You should be applying this within the spaces you want the colour to stick.

Once cured, you can then move on to applying your choice of pigment powder. This can cover the nail as it will only attach to the sticky areas, within the shapes, that you have just applied the Shellac.

Wipe away the excess powder with IPA and finish with CND™ Shellac Xpress Top Coat to create a smooth and shiny finish.

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Light Elegance Gel Paint, :Yours colour Effect Element Powders and Lecenté Create Gel Polish

If you want more info on stamping you can watch Fee’s Stamping Surgery LIVE here.

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