26th Jan 2024

SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist Volume Hair Mousse

SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist Volume Hair Mousse - A lightweight hair mousse that gives your hair volume, hold and shine.

Introducing the latest addition to the signature SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist Collection - Ocean Mist Volume Hair Mousse.

This airless mousse is specially formulated with nurturing properties to provide moisture to the hair, making it an excellent addition to your styling routine. The Ocean Mist Volume Hair Mousse consists of a lightweight, non-sticky formula that delivers exceptional volume, hold and shine to your hair. It's enriched with additional hydration to soften your locks and enhance natural lustre, all while minimising static. Perfect for taming flat and unmanageable hair.

SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist Collection

When compared to our iconic SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist Sea Salt Spray, the mousse offers volume and shine, whereas the Ocean Mist Sea Salt Spray is designed to create texture and grip, giving your hair a beach look with a matte finish. These two products compliment each other perfectly, enhancing volume and adding texture to your hairstyle.

At SACHAJUAN, we are committed to showing the efforts we make to reduce our environmental impact. Our choice of non-aerosol packaging for our new Ocean Mist Volume Hair Mousse is an example of what we are doing to help the environment we live and in turn, helping you as well.

SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist Volume Hair Mousse 150ml


Dispense the mousse into your palms and work through towel-dried hair.


  • Gives hair volume and hold
  • Leaves the hair feeling soft and weightless
  • Adds shine without stickiness or build-up
  • Added moisture and conditioning benefits
  • Excellent foundation for styling

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