Posted by Sweet Squared on 18th Nov 2020

If you missed our Retail 1.0.1 with Gemma Pinfield-Thomas last week, don’t worry, we get it, life is busy. That’s why with all our live demo’s we save them, so you can re-visit them at any point. If you missed Gemma’s check it out HERE.

We also caught up with Gemma after the live and asked her to share her top 10 tips for making the most retailing during lockdown and beyond…

  • Number 1: Switch your mindset. Rather than thinking of it as “selling”, instead we are “telling” our clients about our wonderful products and giving them opportunity to make an informed choice.
  • Number 2: Retailing isn’t selling, it’s ensuring we provide a full service. For example, I would be saying to my customers ““You told me that your nails aren’t in the best possible condition/your gel polish service doesn’t normally last. The great news is that there are products that you can use at home that will solve that for you...” then tell them what each product could do for them; this way you’re giving them the information they need to make the decision. (PS: SolarOil will both improve the condition of their nails AND improve the longevity of their gel polish wear. Advise them to apply it first thing in the morning and again before bed).
  • Number 3: Get to know your clients; you will be better placed to recommend products that will work for them.
  • Number 4: By not telling the customer about the range of at-home products, you’re taking away their opportunity to make a choice
  • Number 5: Don’t make an assumption that people can’t afford your products - that is not for you to decide
  • Number 6: Only stock products that you love and know to work.
  • Number 7: Tell your clients how to use each product, why you love it and what it DOES. For example, “Cuticle Eraser stopped me picking and chewing my fingers... you simply rub a tiny amount in once a day like this (do it as you talk about it) and it uses a blend of AHAs to exfoliate and get rid of all those tempting ‘picky bits’...”. If you’re talking about it and showing the product in use, the customer will be more engaged 
  • Number 8: Sometimes a combination of products will give your client the best possible results. Don’t be afraid to talk through several products with them. If they can only afford one on the day, you can advise them of which they should buy first and then pave the way for purchases in future appointments.
  • Number 9: Never underestimate your client’s willingness to buy. Many of us LOVE to treat ourselves!
  • Number 10: Be confident and have fun! If you believe in what you’re selling, your customers will have confidence in you. 

Discover all the product's Gemma featured in our quick handy product guide HERE 

Love & Respect

PT x

About Gemma

Gemma has been in the beauty industry full time for 17 years. She is a fully qualified and insured Level 3 Beauty Therapist, Holistic Therapist and CND™ Grand Master Artist, as well as being an Education Ambassador for multiple Sweet Squared brands. Known affectionately to her colleagues and students as “PT” or “Lady PT”, Gemma teaches a wide variety of classes for Sweet Squared and has spent most of the past 10 years offering “in house” training at salons and spas around the country. In addition, she operates a popular home salon business, based near Stratford-upon-Avon, South Warwickshire.

When not busy working in her home salon or educating, PT has been a familiar face on Sweet Square’s Facebook Live line-up, whether it be demonstrating nail art techniques, or taking us through new and exciting products that are coming up for launch.

You may also have spotted her published in industry press such as Guild News, or photographed working at trade shows or high profile events including VogueFest and the London 2012 Olympic Games. She has also worked backstage at fashion week alongside industry greats including Marian Newman, Liza Smith and Team CND™, providing nail services at shows for Tom Ford, Julian Macdonald and Vin and Omi, to name but a few.

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