21st May 2024


A revolutionary formula crafted to redefine the hair-repairing experience, offering intensive efficacy and transformative results. 

This booster effectively restores the integrity of the hair fibre, minimising breakage and enhancing the quality of damaged hair. Its highly moisturising and conditioning effect treats damage from the root area throughout the hair shaft, improving volume, manageability, and colour retention, leaving hair healthy and shiny. 

The SACHAJUAN Hair Bonding Booster Activator is formulated to seamlessly combine with SACHAJUAN Hair Repair Treatment, creating a potent blend that deeply penetrates the hair shaft, addressing comprised bonds and linkages at the core to repair and strengthen hair from within. 


  • Creates additional hydrogen and ionic bonds within the hair's keratin structure
  • Internally repairs and fortifies damaged hair, promoting long-term hair health and appearance
  • Instantly improves volume, manageability, and colour retention for visible enhancement
  • Provides exceptional softness and shine
  • Deeply moisturises and conditions the hair
  • Formulated with advanced compounds to optimize hair repair and revitalisation, promoting strengthened and resilient hair structure
  • Utilises high-performing repairing technology powered by Algae Bioscience

SACHAJUAN Hair Bonding Booster and SACHAJUAN Hair Repair Treatment


Isochrysis Galbana Extract - Sourced from microalgae, Isochrysis Galbana Extract is renowned for its exceptional hair-enhancing properties, strengthening structural integrity, enhancing volume, and promoting hair health and vitality.

FIBREHANCE™ -  Introduce a unique chemical synergy forming additional hydrogen and ionic bonds with the hair keratin structure. This facilitates the internal repair process within hair fibers, contributing to the restoration of hair to its optimal health.

Hydrolysed Quinoa - Celebrated for its nourishing and protective attributes. These peptides contain abundant amounts of essential amino acids and carry a unique ability to deeply penetrate the hair shaft, delivering essential nourishment and fortifying the hair structure. This contributes to enhanced colour retention, and improved manageability, and leaves the hair with a radiant, shiny finish. Hydrolysed Quinoa acts as a key ingredient in the booster, ensuring optimal care and protection, ultimately providing nourished, more resilient results.


To achieve optimal results, blend 6ml of SACHAJUAN Hair Bonding Booster Activator with approximately 15ml of SACHAJUAN Hair Repair Treatment, adjusting the amount according to your hair length and thickness. 

Mix the two products thoroughly and apply the mixture to damp hair, after shampooing. Ensure even coverage from root to tip, then allow the treatment to sit for 10-20 minutes to maximise effectiveness, and rinse thoroughly.

Incorporate into your hair care routine as needed for ongoing benefits. The booster can be used regularly or occasionally depending on your needs and desired results. (Full product suitable for a minimum of 5 applications.)

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