28th Feb 2022


CND™ introduces CND™ SHELLAC™ No Wipe Top Coat - a new product within the CND™ SHELLAC™ family formulated to provide a long-lasting high-gloss shine, with no-IPA wipe required! Designed for up to 3-weeks of superior shine, No-Wipe Top Coat’s shatterproof formula resists chipping and peeling while sealing in colour with no-yellowing over time.

“After years in the making in our state-of-the-art R&D lab, we are thrilled to launch our very own breakthrough No-Wipe Top Coat formula!” says CND™ Co-founder Jan Arnold. “Specifically designed to be used with the category-leading CND™ SHELLAC™system, this high-gloss shine top coat requires no-wiping, which means a more efficient service for Nail Pros and their clients!”


Key Features & Benefits:

  • No-wiping, no-hassle!
  • Up to 3-weeks of superior shine
  • Seals in colour with no-yellowing over time
  • Shatterproof and resists chipping & peeling
  • Helps to keep high-gloss finish with use of sanitiser
  • Low odour
  • Features curve-hugging brush with over 200 bristles that adapt to the nail curve
  • Smooth application for smooth, even, full coverage on each nail
  • Easy removal in 8-10 minutes
  • No nail damage upon removal

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the removal times?
8-10 minutes

What durability does it compare to?
In terms of strength it compares to Original Top Coat

How long do I cure the No-Wipe Top Coat?
60 seconds on button 3 on CND LED Lamp

How do I apply No-Wipe Top Coat?
Exactly the same as the other top coats

How long will a Shellac service last with No-Wipe Top Coat?
Up to 3-weeks

What is the main usage of No-Wipe Top Coat?
You can use the No-Wipe Top Coat with your Shellac service to seal in the colour with no IPA wipe required.

You can also pair perfectly with chrome powder to create the ultimate nail art look. Chrome must be applied on top of a cured layer of No-Wipe Top Coat. If applied directly onto a colour or a tacky layer, a mirror-like effect won't be achieved.

Can I apply the Top Coat twice?
Yes you can, but do expect the slower removal time due to additional layers of top coat.

What happens if I wipe a No-Wipe Top Coat?
If you are using No-wipe Top Coat as a top coat to finish the CND Shellac service, wiping after curing will not affect the end result nor dull the shine. However, we do not recommend wiping with IPA for a chrome powder service. If you do wipe and the appearance is not satisfactory, allow IPA to dry and re-coat the nail.

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