Top Tips with Natalie Whitehouse - Light Elegance ButterCreams

Posted by Natalie Whitehouse on 30th Jul 2021

We caught up with Natalie Whitehouse to get her top tips on how to work with the beautifully buttery ButterCreams from Light Elegance, and here is what she had to say...

How do you prep the nail for ButterCreams?

To prep a nail for the Light Elegance ButterCreams, I always like to make sure I guide back the cuticle and gently buff the surface of the nail with an LE Foamie File. I then apply LE Tack and use any of the LE Builder Gels for the base and to build the apex of the nail. The reason I do this first is because the ButterCreams do not add any strength to the structure of the nail; they are much more like gel paints than colour gels.

Once the Builder Gel is cured, I make sure I finish file the nail, focusing on the shape and structure. I then buff over the whole nail using the LE Foamie File to create the perfect surface for the ButterCreams to sit on. As the consistency of the ButterCreams is completely different to that of colour gels, they are not as forgiving when applying so you need to ensure the base is as smooth as can be.

When or how would I use ButterCreams?

I recommend using ButterCreams if you like to create thinner nails as they don’t add any bulk to the overall nail structure. ButterCreams are a hard gel, so I always apply on top of any of the Lexy Line gels or JimmyGel.

ButterCreams are great for different purposes. They can be agitated to create more of a thin viscosity - amazing for painting over the whole nail. You can also use them unagitated, which leaves them with a thicker consistency and they can then be used as a gel paint to create fine lines that won’t move on the nail whilst you are painting.

ButterCreams are such a versatile product; I even use them for stamping with! Just make sure to cure as soon as you stamp onto the nail since the gel can sometimes move or shrink if it’s left for too long.

What are the products that pair well with ButterCreams?

There are so many products in the Light Elegance range that work well with ButterCreams! You can choose to use any of the gels from the Lexy Line or any of the JimmyGel line. I also like to use the ButterCreams as a base for Glitter Gels.

What are your top 5 ButterCream application tips?

  1. Always apply ButterCreams in thin coats since they are super pigmented so need thinner coats to be able to cure properly in an LED lamp
  2. Even out and smooth the first layer as much as possible to ensure an even colour before curing
  3. For application near the cuticles, I use the bulldozing technique which is where you use the brush to push some gel close up to the cuticle and then pull back over the entire nail. You can also use a liner brush to get even closer to the cuticle area before curing.
  4. When applying ButterCreams, keep the brush parallel to the nail to avoid wiping gel off the nail as you paint. Using a high brush angle will create bold spots
  5. Remember to agitate the ButterCreams if you want a thinner consistency

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