31st May 2022

As summer 2022 approaches, we’re all thinking about the exciting summer holidays we have planned and the memories we’ll make. But have you booked flights with just hand luggage and need toiletries within the 100ml limit? Well, let’s take you through some of our travel-size, mini toiletries that will save you that all-important space in your case!

Key BEAUTY products which are 100ml and under... 

First up we have Nimue’s Sun-C SPF40 where would we be without this amazing product?! Available in both 20ml and 60ml tubes, this is the ultimate skincare product you should be taking away with you this summer.

Whilst we’re here talking about SPF, let’s not forget about the Nimue Sun-C Tinted SPF40 available in a 60ml tube. This is a great product for when you’ve started to pick up a glowy face tan but still want to wear a little bit of makeup on holiday.

A back-to-basics item here – the wax:one tweezers are great to take away with you. They certainly won’t take up much room in your hand-luggage and will keep those little eyebrow hairs (that like to grow back quickly!) neat and tidy whilst you’re on holiday.

A strong favourite here at Sweet Squared, we have the LASHUS Lash & Brow Elixer. This product is an all-rounder and conditions both the lashes and brows like no other serum. At only 7ml a tube, you definitely have room to pack multiple tubes!

Nimue Sun-C SPF40 Sunscreen  Nimue Sun-C Tinted SPF40

Key HAIR products which are 100ml and under...

An absolute must-have for all you blondes out there is the Omniblonde Magically Transforming Tomato Retreatment 40ml. This is a particularly key product for summer holidays as it fights against discolouration from chlorine in swimming pools.

Want to enhance your natural beachy waves whilst on holiday? Well don’t look any further than the SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist, the ultimate sea salt spray for hair. Available in 50ml, it’s a no-brainer for packing into your hand luggage!

Keeping your hair hydrated whilst in the sun is very important and what better way to do so than with the KEVIN.MURPHY HYDRATE-ME.WASH?! Don’t be fooled by the small size of 40ml though – this product will instantly moisturise the hair and scalp after a day in the sun, adding a gorgeous shine.

Lock in your hair for the evening with the KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY, in the handy little size of 50ml. This hair spray will ensure your hair stays in place (no matter what the humidity levels try and do to it!).

Omniblonde Magically Transforming Tomato Retreatment  SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist

Credit: @omniblondeuk via Instagram  &  @sachajuan via Instagram 

 Key NAILS products which are 100ml and under...

The best cuticle oil of all time? It’s got to be CND™ Solar Oil. This amazing hydrating product is available in both a 15ml bottle and a 2.5ml pen, so the choice is yours. This cuticle oil is essential all year round, so going on holiday for one or two weeks is no exception!

If you’re after a natural nail strengthener to take on holiday with you, the CND™ RescueRXX is the answer. Again, available in a 15ml bottle and 2.5ml pen. This product is particularly good for your nails whilst on holiday in a hot and sunny location as it helps heal nails which have been damaged by environmental factors.

CND™ Solar Oil  CND™ RescueRXX & CND™ Solar Oil  CND™ RescueRXX

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