8th Apr 2024

Our expert team at LASHUS have been busy working on bringing you a complete system for brows, and it is now here! Whether you’re laminating, tinting or refining brows, the new range is tailored to serve professionals with the tools to create long-lasting, beautiful results.

So, what does the range include?

LASHUS is now bringing you a NEW gentle wax system, styling tools, brow thread and mapping pencils to accompany our renowned lamination and tinting products! And, with our duo formula system already for use on both lashes and brows, our new products bring even more efficiency to your lash and brow game.

NEW Precision Brow Wax System 

Introducing the new LASHUS Brow Wax, which has been specially formulated with the experts at wax:one for use on the delicate brow area. Designed with convenience in mind, the heat proof packaging can be placed directly in the new Hive Petite Compact Heater.


Our NEW Styling Tools 

We’ve added two new styling tools to our brow range, the LASHUS Slanted Tweezers and LASHUS Curved Scissors. Hand crafted from stainless-steel for durability, the tweezers feature a slanted tip for precision and the scissors feature curved blades for accuracy.


Say hello to our NEW Brow Thread! 

For use as an alternative hair removal method, the LASHUS Brow Thread has been designed specifically for precision hair removal and to remove even the finest of hairs.


Plus, NEW Brow Mapping Pencils 

We’ve also launched both a black and white Brow Mapping Pencil, to help professionals create a guideline for brow shapes individual to each client.


Tailored Kits for Every Pro!

Whether you're starting your brow journey with LASHUS, or looking to stock up on essentials, our five new LASHUS brow kits have been carefully curated to offer everything you need. 

Level Up Your Skills with our NEW Education

If you prefer in-person classes or online learning, our new LASHUS courses are designed to help professionals master their brow services. 

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