22nd Feb 2021

Fee Wallace, Educator

Fridays with Fee S2 E5: Foiled Again!

When your client is stuck for nail art ideas, foil is always a sure-fire winner! Nail art foil is super easy to apply and can elevate your designs to the next level.

From a little dab to full on Filigree, nail art foil can be used in so many ways. Educator and nail art guru, Fee Wallace, will take us through her favourite, core, nail art techniques using Lecenté Foil. Including full coverage, stamping foil designs, plus tips and tricks for getting the most from your foil collection.

Watch Fee's live demonstration on how she achieves these looks here.

Look 1: Lava Lamp Nail Look Using Lecenté Create

To begin this look, Fee uses a base colour of Lecenté Create Bakerloo, cured for 60 seconds in the Lecenté UV/LED Nail Lamp. We recommend using a colour that is similar to the colour of the foil you are going to use.

(These looks were done on hard gel, nail enhancements so no base coat was required)

Next, apply Lecenté Foil Gel. Foil Gel is recommended when you’re wanting full coverage of foil on the nail, particularly if you are using a foil with a pattern on it. Cure for 120 seconds. For this look, Fee uses Rose Gold Lecenté Foil. Press the foil onto the nail, matte side down and rub over the back with a lint-free wipe. You may get some small creases on the edges; this is to be expected due to the curve of the nail.

Lecenté Rose Gold Nail Foil       Lecenté Rose Gold Foil Application

Lecenté Rose Gold Foil

Then, apply Lecenté Create Top Coat and cure.

To create the lava lamp design, you firstly need to remove the top film of Lecenté Top Coat before applying your Lecenté Create colours. Apply using a dotting tool to create your desired shapes. The beauty of the lava lamp design, is that the shapes don’t need to be too perfect. This makes for a simple yet sleek, nail art solution.

Lecenté Create Harvest Moon Colour Gel Polish Lecenté Create Sweater Weather Colour Gel Polish Lava lamp design application

Lecenté Create Sweater Weather Gel Polish & Lecenté Create Harvest Moon Gel Polish

Lecenté Create doesn’t require a top coat if you do not wish to apply. By not applying a top coat, this will add to the contrast between the super shiny foil and the gel colour which will appear more matte.

Floral Foil Nail Art Using CND™ Shellac

Look 2: Floral Foil Nail Art Using CND™ Shellac

CND™ Shellac is great for applying foil onto due to the sticky layer after curing. This is recommended if you want a not so full coverage of foil on the nail. 

The base colour used for this look is CND™ Shellac Cashmere Wrap. This will then be topped with CND™ Shellac Matte Top Coat. By using a matte top coat, this will help to create a non-sticky background so the foil only sticks to the stamped layer of Shellac and not to the background.

For the stamped design, Fee uses CND™ Shellac Divine Diamond (tip - use a colour similar to the colour of the foil you are using). Remember, Shellac does work differently to when using an air-drying, stamping polish due to it being a curable product. When using Shellac, you can scrape numerous times and take your time, allowing for the solvents to evaporate. Gently roll your stamper over the plate to pick up the design. When using Shellac you must protect the skin before applying the stamp. You can use micropore tape for this. Once applied, you can then cure. If you want full coverage of the foil, cure for a second time to make the surface extra sticky. You are now ready apply the Lecenté Gold Foil.

:Yours Loves Fee Layers of Light Plate Stamping Plate Lecenté Foil Bright Gold  Gold Foil Floral Nail Art Application

:Yours Loves Fee Layers of Light Stamping Plate & Lecenté Foil Bright Gold

For the final, floral detail, Fee uses :Yours Stamping Polish in Blackout. Layer this over the gold, floral pattern to add depth and detail to the look. Don't worry, this doesn't have to line up perfectly, the abstract/line drawing nail art looks are super on trend right now!

Floral Stamping Application

To complete the look, you can use a shiny top coat such as CND™ Shellac Xpress 5, just over the design, using a dotting tool to make it stand out or you can apply the top coat over the whole nail.

CND™ Shellac Matte Top Coat Foil Hack!

Look 3: CND™ Shellac Matte Top Coat Foil Hack!

Sometimes the greatest ideas come from mistakes, and this is one of them. Discover for yourself how applying CND™ Shellac Matte Top Coat over your your foil, can transform the look.

For this design, Fee uses a base colour of CND™ Shellac Whisper. When applied, cure twice to make it stickier for when adding your foil. Layer Lecenté Nail Foil Oil Slick and Lecenté Nail Foil Aubergine onto the nail to create a multi-tonal look. Next, apply your CND™ Shellac Matte Top Coat and watch the foil transform.

Lecenté Foil Oil SlickLecenté Nail Foil Aubergine CND Matte Top Coat Application

Lecenté Nail Foil Oil Slick & Lecenté Nail Foil Aubergine

Once cured, add depth and detail to the look by adding a stamping design. Fee uses stamping plate :Yours Loves Sascha Gossen Fine Marble Stamping Plate with :Yours Stamping Polish in Blackout. Finish your look with CND™ Shellac Xpress 5.

YOURS Fine Marble Stamping Plate

:Yours Loves Sascha Gossen Fine Marble Stamping Plate

For more information on stamping:

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