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Posted by Abbie Turner on 12th Aug 2020

Given recent events surrounding COVID-19, we're all starting to realise more and more how important retail is to our salons. Going forward, at-home beauty and hair care is going to become more crucial than ever for clients. The reality is that they're probably not going to be able to get booked into the salon as often as they've previously been used to, so they need to take more care at home. It's going to be your job as the professional to guide them as to what products they need.

If you’re slightly less confident in selling, by the end of this blog we’ll have you well on your way to becoming ‘Salesperson of the Year’!

How to sell to clients without being too salesy:

  1. Before you even attempt to sell to your client, make sure you build a relationship with them. You need to gain their trust, so they understand that your recommendations come from the heart rather than you just trying to make money from them.
  2. You’ll find it so much easier to sell to your client when you’re being completely natural about it. This is your passion and you need to show this passion through communicating with your clients about the products you love and why they’ll love them too! Speaking to your client about certain products and their amazing benefits will come across so much less forceful.
  3. Communicate with your client to find out what their beauty/hair concerns are. You’ll then find it so much easier to educate on the right products for them.
  4. Sell the transformation, not the product. Focus less on the product you’re trying to sell and more on the benefits and what that product can do for them! Demonstrate the product for them and if they can see a visible difference, chances are they’ll want to make a purchase.
  5. If you’re a hair salon, the backwash is a great opportunity that must be utilised! This gives you the time to talk your client through the products you’re using and why you’re using them.
  6. A pretty obvious one but… know your stuff! Be prepared for any question your client may ask.
  7. Finally, make sure your merchandising is visually appealing. A client isn’t going to want to buy from you if they go to browse your shelves and can’t find any of the products they like. We have a great blog on how to effectively merchandise your salon to maximise sales - click here to read it.